When The Cure Is Far Worse Than The Disease

The Pandemic Cure is Far Worse than the Disease

By: Steve Karp, MD

Excessive stress on a bone will often cause it to fracture. Fractures can be the result of acute or chronic stress and can be partial or complete however, once the fracture occurs it’s over in less than a second. Sufficient healing often takes 6-8 weeks.

Similarly, if enough stress is placed on a society, it too can fracture. During the 19th century societal stressors in America built up over years leading to war and the fracturing of society. In that situation secession represented a complete fracture. Though the war formally ended over 150 years ago has there truly been complete healing?

Following the war, societal stress included the Southern reconstruction period policies, and in the 20th century there were the effects of two world wars, FDR’s New Deal, LBJ’s Great Society programs, the Korean and Vietnam War, the 1965 Immigration Act and affirmative action policies. All changed the nature of society and it can be argued not always or completely for the better or without unintended consequences. Though causing partial fractures society remained sufficiently intact to continue functioning.

Advancing to the present, the Coronavirus of 2019, popularly though erroneously called Covid, first impacted us as an acute societal stress then became chronic in nature. Though not alluded to as such in government-speak, the public was drafted into a “War on Covid”. This war has been carried forth in the form of home lockdowns, business closures, mass home schooling, and economic destruction. Trillions of dollars of excess printed money have been required to keep a large percentage of society from becoming completely destitute, and it can be credibly argued it’s been negligibly due to viral action and nearly solely from government reaction.

This description of the “War on Covid” causing societal stress though is incomplete. What has actually been inflicted on Americans and much of the world has been psychological warfare, using distorted statistics, diagnostic manipulations and medical historical amnesia as cover in pursuit of government’s agenda namely, further societal control.

Psychological warfare on the general public has taken the form of messaging, using the relentless repetition of words, phrases and ideas not only daily but hourly. It is transmitted throughout the day on all TV and radio stations, breaking news reports, print journalism whether medically or non-medically related, signage on roadways, business windows, doorways etc.

Think how many times you’ve heard the following over the past year: Covid, Coronavirus, novel virus, pandemic, “vaccine”, masks, social distancing, cases, ventilators, ICU beds, death count, emergency use, “vaccine” passports, immunization, and mandates. Now if you’re not in a medical occupation try to think how often you’ve heard these used in the media over your lifetime.

The purpose of this psychological warfare is to overwhelm our individual psychological state, normally used to cope with our everyday life, and replace it with obsessive thoughts. In the case of Coronavirus it’s to force you to obsess about what essentially boils down to a 1:1000 chance of death. Of course the obsessive thoughts are in turn paired with compulsive behavior either as an inevitable end result or due to government’s helpful suggestions or mandates. The use of Coronavirus in this way is essentially mental abuse and is considered a crime against humanity.

Crimes against humanity have been described in part as including dehumanization such as viewing people as lacking mental capacity. Think of mask mandates, pubic social distancing, superseding parental judgement, and minimizing human interaction without scientific evidence.  Another aspect of the crime is in encouraging acceptance of an unproven “vaccine”, which is consistent with unethical human experimentation. This is borne out through the denying of actual informed consent and promoting widespread use of the “vaccine” in a pseudoscientific framework under the guise of research.

Giving informed consent to receive the current “vaccine” is problematic. First, the CDC defines a “vaccine” as “A product that stimulates a person’s immune system to produce immunity to a specific disease, protecting the person from that disease.” The current product uses messenger RNA to command your cells to manufacturer a protein which the immune system is supposed to recognize and thus be primed to fight when it encounters the real virus. However in this situation, it’s not the product that’s injected that stimulates the immune system but what your body is supposed to produce from what’s injected. Therefore, what’s marketed as a “vaccine” is not a “vaccine” by definition. More accurately it’s a medical devise or gene therapy or something else but regardless it becomes part of you. Were you told this?

Second, the pseudoscientific approach revolves around the administration of a product for which there is evolving information regarding the short term side effects and zero on the long term human side effects. Due to the emergency use authorization it has been deemed necessary to continue follow-up on people in order to accumulate data on long term side effects, that is, once the short term effects are fully elucidated.

Though encountering long term effects is not uncommon when a study population involves several thousand people, does it remain a reasonable undisclosed risk when your study a population involves billions? Remember this “vaccine” was touted as warp speed from viral identification, product development, distribution and administration in order to prevent an overall 1:1000 death rate. But it’s essentially a rushed product that needs to be given to find out what it will do either positively and negatively. Sounds like research under a pseudoscientific guise and therefore a crime against humanity.

In summary, our newest societal stressor seems related less to the effects of an actual virus but more to governmental action for reasons known only to them, while using crimes against humanity to achieve that goal.

Due to this virus war, our society finds itself once again partially fractured. Will it completely fracture? Will it heal either way and when? Who will charge and prosecute those responsible for the crimes against humanity that have been inflicted on us?

When The Cure Is Far Worse Than The Disease

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