“Urgent warning re Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes”

Open Letter from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance to:
Nadhim Zahawi – Minister for Covid-19 Vaccine Deployment
Matt Hancock – Secretary of State for Health and Social Care
Cc: Boris Johnson – Prime Minister 05 February 2021
Re: Urgent warning re Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes
In our Open Letter of 23 November 2020, addressed to the MHRA, JCVI and Matt Hancock
we outlined our concerns of potential public health risks from a mass roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccines
because of only limited short-term safety data and no long-term safety data.
In this letter we draw to your attention the mounting evidence that the public health risks we
identified may be materialising.
We now call for an immediate and urgent audit of deaths that have occurred since the beginning of
the Covid-19 vaccine rollout, to ascertain if Covid-19 vaccines (in general or any one brand in
particular) are leading to an increased number of deaths (Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 related), Covid19 cases or increased risk of death in certain age groups or cohorts.
Among our concerns in our previous Open Letter, we raised the potential issues of:
1. Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) induced by the vaccines causing more severe
Covid-19, with increased hospitalisations and deaths in the weeks or months after
2. The lack of safety data on elderly people with multiple comorbidities. This cohort was under
represented and a statistically insignificant group in the clinical vaccine trials . We postulated
that there may be increased vaccine side-effects in this group, which would only become
apparent when many thousands of them had received vaccinations.
3. The absence of any safety data regarding those who have already had Covid-19, and the
possibility that prior immunity may lead to increased side-effects from the Covid-19 vaccines.
Our particular concern is the impact of Covid-19 vaccines on the very elderly and those in care
homes. ONS data shows that weekly care home deaths tripled in the two weeks between 8
th and
22nd January 2021ii, at a time when there was a massive increase in the rate of vaccinations of care
home residentsiii (Fig 1 and Fig 2).
Fig 1: Daily Mail image 26 January 2021iv Fig 2: ONS All Cause Care Home Deathsv
At the same time, the MHRA CEO, Dr June Raine, stated that Covid-19 vaccine adverse events reports
were coming in “thick and fast”vi but there is no transparency around these reports, unlike in the US.
The US government vaccine adverse event reporting system (VAERS) is open to the public and is
already showing a high number of serious adverse events and deaths in the initial stages of the vaccine
rollout, compared to previous vaccinesvii, particularly in the elderly.
There are, however, public data showing a spike in care home deaths (Fig 3) which began very soon
after mass vaccination began in this setting just before Christmas and appears to correlate with the
increasing rollout of vaccines in this setting and age group. This followed a period of months of
stability in the rate of mortality in these cohorts. As stated above, many the deaths from January 2021
have been in UK care homes.
Fig 3: ONS Data – England Care Home Deaths (all cause) by Date of Occurrence
There are no robust data to indicate that the reported new variant, which appeared around this time,
increases mortality or severe illness from Covid-19. It seems very plausible that the main or major
causative factor could be the rollout of these experimental vaccines, to millions in this cohort, over a
very short space of time. One possible explanation for a rise in infections or deaths could be the
transient reduction in lymphocyte levels following vaccination seen in data from Pfizer’s Phase 1/2
Trial. The pronounced lowering of lymphocyte levels, especially in those who received the high dose,
lasted about 7 daysviii
This could result in a heightened susceptibility to infections in the week postvaccination, which could be catastrophic for some frail and elderly people.
We are calling upon the UK Government and regulators to urgently investigate, and categorically
rule out, the possibility of unanticipated negative effects of the Covid-19 vaccines in the frail and
elderly before proceeding with the second doses to this group.
We would like to draw your attention to three sources of information that signal the possibility of a
significant problem with adverse reactions, leading to deaths and increased Covid-19 illness, in the
cohorts who are being vaccinated first:
1. Media reports of care home outbreaks and deaths
Multiple, similar, media reports from around the world show a pattern emerging of outbreaks
of Covid-19 and clusters of deaths occurring in care homes in the week or two AFTER the
vaccine has been rolled out to residents there. This pattern has been also reported by many
whistle-blowers on social media.
2. Regulators, doctors and others are sounding the alarm
Statements from national regulators and other official organisations, as well as doctors
speaking out to raise serious concerns and to call for investigations to be carried out.
3. Epidemiological Evidence
There is strong epidemiological evidence, from around the world, to support the hypothesis
that the Covid-19 vaccine rollout may be linked with increased deaths in certain age groups.
Each of these is a potential ‘red flag’ which we expand upon in more detail below.
Since the Covid-19 vaccine has been rolled out, there has been a steady stream of national and
international media reports concerning Covid-19 outbreaks, hospitalisations and deaths occurring in
care homes around the world, within hours or days of vaccination. Whilst some authorities have
sought to imply that these events are unconnected to the vaccine rollout, the emerging correlations
are striking and deserve further investigation. The following list represents some of the media reports
from the UK and overseas:
• UK: Dozens of deaths of UK care home residents reported after first dose of
Covid-19 vaccineix
• England: Basingstoke care home has serious Covid-19 outbreak with 60% of residents
testing positive and 22 deaths around the time of Covid-19 vaccination of
• Scotland: Abercorn care home residents and staff received the Pfizer vaccine on 15
December and had significant Covid-19 outbreak by 10 January 2021
• Scotland: Meallmore Lodge care home reports outbreak of 35 residents and staff
following Covid-19 vaccination in early Januaryxii
• US: New York State – a care home reports major Covid-19 outbreak – 130 cases
and 32 deaths, which started at the same time as the first vaccine dose was
administered to residents and staffxiii
• Germany: 10 deaths of frail, elderly people aged 79-93 years within four days of
vaccination with Pfizer vaccinexiv
• Germany: 11 deaths from 41 residents in care home die within days of receiving first
dose of Covid-19 vaccinexv
• Israel: Care home that has had zero Covid-19 throughout the pandemic has
outbreak with 30 hospitalisations and 1 death within 2 weeks of first
dose of Covid-19 vaccine rolloutxvi
• Sweden: Covid-19 Care Home outbreak affecting 10 residents and 5 staff members
despite all having had 2 doses of Pfizer vaccinexvii
• Canada: 7 care home residents develop Covid-19 following first dose of Pfizer
• Norway: 29 deaths of elderly people in care homes shortly after receiving Pfizer
The Norwegian Medicines Regulators were quick to flag up a cluster of deaths occurring in care
homes, linking 29 deaths to the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Norwegian officials listed fever,
vomiting, and nausea as side effects which “may have led to the deaths of some frail patients”, and
led them to update their advice regarding administration of Covid-19 vaccines to the frailestxx
The WHO GACVS COVID-19 Vaccine Safety subcommittee were apparently sufficiently concerned to
convene a meeting on 22 January 2021, to review reports of deaths of very frail, elderly individuals
vaccinated with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, BNT162b2xxi. While they decided that there was not yet
enough evidence to change their recommendations to vaccinate the elderly, they plan to continue to
monitor the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines in this sub-population.
The Israeli Supreme Helsinki Commission – in charge of supervising human trials in Israel – is expected
to submit an opinion to the Israeli Health Ministry stating that the vaccine campaign led by the Israeli
government together with Pfizer is fundamentally clinical research (human trials) and thus, needed to
receive explicit Committee authorizationxxii
. The implication is that the UK (and all other countries)
are also conducting a vaccine trial on the public, without their knowledge or informed consent.
US doctor, Dr Hooman Noorchashm, wrote an open letter to the US Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) and Pfizerxxiii on 26 January 2021, warning that if viral antigens (from current or recent exposure
or Covid-19 illness) are present in the tissues of subjects who undergo vaccination, the antigen-specific
immune response triggered by the vaccine could target those tissues and cause tissue inflammation
and damage e.g. to the vascular endothelium, resulting in blood clot formation, with the potential for
major thromboembolic complications, e.g.stroke, myocardial infarction or pulmonary embolism. This
mechanism could explain some deaths being reported in care homes that we have highlighted. Dr
Noorchashm’s recommended solution is to use antibody screening to exclude/delay vaccination in
persons who might have been exposed to the virus and have viral antigens lingering in their tissues.
Several countries have recorded a rise in deaths since they began their Covid-19 vaccine rollout. A
comparison between those countries that have started vaccination programmes and those that have
not, is striking. Below we present graphs of data from the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Israel, UAE, Bahrain,
and Jordan. The graphs of Covid-19 mortality rates in different countries and Covid-19 vaccination
rates show marked rising deaths rates commencing around the time the rollouts began which
correlate with rate and number of vaccinations administered.
UK Data
The UK was one of the first countries in the world to begin the mass rollout of vaccines, starting slowly
in the first week of December 2020 and increasing dramatically mid-late December. It is therefore
striking to see such a sharp uptick in deaths starting shortly after this, correlating to vaccination rate
(Fig 4), just at the time when overall mortality from Covid-19 had started to fall, having been stable
through November and December 2020.
Fig 4: UK Cumulative Deaths per Million and Covid-19 Vaccines per Million
Ireland Data
Ireland shows a similar pattern. The number of weekly deaths was stable from mid-October to midDecember 2020 but increased five-fold in the last three weeks in January 2021, correlating with the
number of vaccines being administered, which also increased five-fold in the first two weeks of
January (Fig 5).
Fig 5: Ireland Cumulative Covid-19 Deaths per Million and Vaccines per Million
Sweden (no Covid-19 Vaccines) v England
It is striking to compare Covid-19 deaths in December and January in Sweden (red), which has yet to
begin its vaccine rollout, with England (black) (Fig 6).
Fig 6: England v Sweden Covid-19 deaths
Other Countries
Israel has the highest rate of Covid-19 vaccination in the world, with over 58 doses administered per
100 people since 20 December 2020, yet they are suffering their worst levels of Covid-19 cases and
deaths since the pandemic beganxxiv, again the rise in these metrics corresponds in timescale with the
number of vaccines given (Fig 7). It was reported that 17% of those patients hospitalised had already
received their first Pfizer vaccine dosexxv
Fig 7: Israel Cumulative Covid-19 Deaths per Million and Vaccines per Million
United Arab Emirates have also had a fast vaccine rollout, with nearly 35 doses per 100 people
administered since 5 January 2021. They have experienced a significant surge in cases and deaths
coinciding with the rolloutxxvi (Fig 8).
Fig 8: UAE Cumulative Covid-19 Deaths per Million and Vaccines per Million
Bahrain began their Covid-19 vaccine programme around the end of December 2020 and have
experienced a sharp spike in deaths from mid-January 2021 (Fig 9).
Fig 9: Bahrain Cumulative Covid-19 Deaths per Million and Vaccines per Million
Jordan is interesting as it has NOT begun its vaccine rollout yet and is NOT suffering the same
second rise in deaths this winter that is being experienced by its neighbours Israel, Bahrain, and
UAE. Instead, the death rate has steadily fallen from a peak in mid-November 2020, through
December and January 2021 (Fig 10).
Fig 11: Jordan Cumulative Covid-19 Deaths per Million
It is a huge responsibility to rollout an experimental vaccine to millions of people in a short space of
time. It is therefore imperative that any early warning signs of unexpected issues are heeded, to
safeguard the public. We believe that there is compelling evidence that the vaccines could be
causing Covid-19 illness and deaths (Covid-19 and non-Covid-19 related) in certain cohorts.
We therefore demand an urgent audit and full investigation of all the deaths that have occurred
since the vaccine rollout began on 8 December 2020, to be carried out by scientists that are
independent to SAGE and the Government and overseen by an All-Party Committee. We would like
to see the results published publicly, before any rollout of second vaccine doses to those who have
received the first dose.
Thank you for your consideration of our concerns. We look forward to hearing your response.
Yours sincerely
UK Medical Freedom Alliance


7 Responses to ““Urgent warning re Covid-19 vaccine-related deaths in the elderly and Care Homes””

  1. richarda says:

    I estimate that 13,000~17,000 excess Covid-19 deaths occurred between 10 December and 10 February in the UK. I have a post pending here showing how the excess deaths were calculated

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      And can we presume your (pending) post showing how the excess Covid-19 deaths were calculated, also shows the ‘Covid-19’ pathogen was isolated and identified as actually existing? Because so far, several FOI requests have been submitted to health departments of various nation’s governments and all of them admitted to those who submitted the requests, that they were unable to find any official records of evidence, or official descriptions of what ‘Covid-19’ even looks like, nor any formal records which describe the process that was deployed to isolate and identify the alleged ‘Covid-19’ pathogen.
      So, IOW: it doesn’t officially exist!
      My question is, how can anyone produce a test for detecting, let alone create a ‘vaccine’ to inoculate people against an alleged pathogen, which so far has yet to be isolated thus properly identified?
      Or put it another way: what exactly do the RT-PCR tests (deemed unsuitable thus unfit for diagnostic purposes by its inventor), and the new rushed through, (untested, unknown risk and efficacy) mRNA ‘vaccines’ actually target?
      So far, the only ‘evidence’ we’ve seen and heard (non-stop) of the presence of so-called ‘Covid19’, is endless hyperbole and fear mongering propaganda. ZERO actual scientific description, other than it’s a ‘coronavirus’, which BTW is also what the common cold is. And we’re supposed to believe and accept this diabolical, anti-humanity plan to totally destroy our whole society and way of life, is necessary to protect everyone from it? REALLY?
      Even if the stats you quoted were true and ‘Covid-19’ was proved to exist and proved to be the cause of the deaths you quoted, it’s still an utterly disproportionate response and a blatant act of treason, or at the very least: criminal insanity by all of those responsible for imposing it.
      A pathogen is normally identified by the Koch’s Postulates 4 gold standards of pathogen isolation and identification and to date, that procedure has NEVER been undertaken anywhere. Thus, what is “Covid-19”?
      How can anyone honestly state any statistics relating to an alleged ‘deadly pathogen’ that has not even been proved to exist?

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Hmmm… Not very clear, after reading through it again, so let me try to elucidate…
        The overall point I was trying to highlight above is not only has ‘Covid19’ not been officially, scientifically isolated and identified, it therefore cannot be proclaimed as a cause of death or illness; whether the ‘Covid-19’ was allegedly ingested from a so-called ‘vaccine’ or not. The above open letter clearly implies that the ‘Covid-19’ viral pathogen is being either deliberately, or inadvertently delivered from the new rushed through ‘vaccine’ and is consequently infecting many unsuspecting victims and the vaccine acquired ‘Covid-19’ has also killed a disturbing number of them.
        The so-called incorrectly labelled ‘Covid-19 vaccine’ doesn’t actually target any KNOWN, identified pathogen, so what DOES it actually target?
        I strongly suspect it would be nothing to do with protecting people from any particular pathogens, but is deliberately concocted to alter a victim’s genes for some other (sinister) purpose. IOW: it’s more likely a time delayed genocide concoction, and is NOT a ‘vaccine’ or anything akin to a vaccine.

        After all, its biggest proponent and promoter: Bill Gates is a renowned advocate of eugenics, so why would anyone believe he’d be interested in protecting or prolonging life, when he has made several very public presentations – i.e. TED talks, where he openly asserts there are too many people in the world and we urgently need to reduce the human population because of ‘anthropogenically induced climate change’, or some other UN / WEF invented, non-existent ‘crisis’; that can be conveniently championed as a (similarly false) reason to CONTROL us and even to stealthily exterminate many, or most of us.

      • ian says:

        Excellent reply Alan.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The vaccine is a stealth weapon. Warfare is no longer bombing civilian populations from the air or with missiles. The vaccines have been killing tens of millions of human beings, crippling and sterilising now for over a hundred years. ‘Spanish flu’ killed up to 20 million as the first vaccine project. For some reason very few have noticed as they all believe the television media which is used to allay any doubts. This time the killers are targeting not hundreds of millions as with HPBAIDS (Hepatitis B vaccine delivering AIDS) but thousands of millions of people using COVAIDS (The Covid 19 vaccine delivering auto immune disease). Fauci and Gates want to inject it into 75% of the human race. Professor Dolores Cahill says that at best 50% of those vaccinated will survive for up to five years. The only way to lower human population apart from sterilisation (which is also part of the COVAIDS project) is to dismantle the human immune system. As Alan says, the reduction in human population by up to 90% is the declared objective of the people behind the vaccine. This has been known for decades via alternative media but for some reason the people who are the targets still don’t know they are the targets, and that vaccines are nothing less than the chosen weaponry of the globalist elites to shrink the human population.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Exactly Tap, and all the more reason why people urgently need to be made aware of what this fake covid19 ‘vaccine’ actually is and why nobody should even consider for 1 second being ‘vaccinated’ with it, or ANY vaccines now.
      None of them can be trusted, now that we know for sure Gates and Fauci, and the treasonous WHO are in full control of the entire pharma / vaccine industry worldwide.
      And me, being a frequent overseas traveller owing to the nature of my work, always regularly inoculated myself for every known contagious disease.
      Until now, I was far from an ‘anti-vaxxer’, however overseas travel for me, for any reason is now a thing of the past too, as I expect the Australian Government will mandate ‘Vaccination Passports’ very soon.
      Besides, the card carrying Malthusian and proud WEF member Alan Joyce – chairman of QANTAS has promised to ban anyone who is not ‘vaccinated’ for covid-19, from all QANTAS International flights and will no doubt mandate the same immobilizing restrictions on us for internal flights as well.
      Employment, entry to stores and restaurants will no doubt follow soon afterwards.
      This is just another tactic they deploy to enslave and incarcerate us, by stealth.

      And, all of this will go ahead as planned in Agenda 2030, smooth as silk, because the brain-dead, compliant, masked zombies will allow it and even encourage more of the same ‘to save lives’… ???

      Just can’t believe this is really happening. Going out of my mind trying to accept that it’s actually real! ??

      God, please intervene and wake me from this terrifying reality and return me to dreamland. PLEASE… ??

  3. Tapestry says:

    I am sure there will be carriers that do not require evidence of medical intervention. You can be sure the very rich and well connected will not be vaccinated and their families, so how will they get passports? It’s an easy thing to threaten but they might hold back from the full monte as it would affect them too.