UK Gov admits Covid is a “relatively mild illness”


by Steve Cook

The government is evidently insane – either that or it is cynically and calculatingly deceitful to a degree that beggars belief.. It continually thinks and says  one thing, yet acts as if it has just thought and said the opposite.

By way of an example and just to underscore what we were told by the Chief Medical Officer back in May, here is a quote from page 59 of the government’s new Road Map document available on line here. It is craftily hidden towards the end of the document in the knowledge that few people are going to wade through the blurb to the end.

“196. Like some strains of flu, COVID-19 is a relatively mild illness for much of the population, but it is more dangerous to vulnerable groups”

So we have shut down and wrecked the country because of an illness that is, like flu, mild for most of the populace and only serious for a minority who are vulnerable by reasons of age or existing illnesses.

By that logic we should shut down the country every time there is any kind of flu outbreak.

And that of course is a recipe – or justification – for a policy that is one hundred percent guaranteed to destroy the country and sink it into poverty.

And that of course is the intention. It is harm thinly disguised as “help”. It relies on us being too dim, scared or hypnotised to see through it.

As we have said before, the government of our country has fallen into the hands of its enemies – a subversive faction determined to wreck it.

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