Today’s insightful news from UK Column


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We are pleased to present today’s News broadcast from the excellent UK column, which is rapidly establishing itself as a powerhouse in the People’s Media vanguard.

For incisive and fascinating analysis and discussion of the issues of the day, UK Column is a wonderful and insightful resource and this video is certainly one to watch!

Includes analysis of the ever-evolving and ever-devious trickery and deceit of the government’s Covid Terror attack on its own people, the various deceits and red herrings under the guide of “testing “and “lockdown”; the coming experimentation on pregnant women and children; the use of testing on humans (YOU) instead of animals (evinces the steady transition of human society to the status of a testing laboratory and of the citizen to that of lab rat); the move to dispense with testing altogether in the “fast-tracking” of future experimental biochemical agents released into the human community; the growing war between the tech giants and the MSM as the criminal organisations turn on one another, the catastrophic failure of the Renewable Energy grid in the Texas winter and its  repercussions; the escalation of global debt levels to new  heights of insanity and more . . .

The video below is from YouTube. We are not keen to feature YouTube vids as they are liable to “censorship” by the Big Tech thought police so as soon as a Bitchute version is available, we’ll post it here.

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Today’s insightful news from UK Column


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  1. Tapestry says:

    Enjoyed the COVID particle found on the Mars NASA broadcast. Did Patrick add that or did he find it put there by NASA? Obviously a certain amount o scepticism! It looked as daft as the faked moon landings.