The vaccine is a stealth weapon.

Warfare is no longer bombing civilian populations from the air or with missiles. The vaccines have been killing tens of millions of human beings, crippling and sterilising now for over a hundred years. ‘Spanish flu’ killed up to 20 million as the first vaccine project. For some reason very few have noticed as they all believe the television media which is used to allay any doubts. This time the killers are targeting not hundreds of millions as with HPBAIDS (Hepatitis B vaccine delivering AIDS) but thousands of millions of people using COVAIDS (The Covid 19 vaccine delivering auto immune disease).

Fauci and Gates want to inject it into 75% of the human race. Professor Dolores Cahill says that at best 50% of those vaccinated will survive for up to five years. The only way to lower human population apart from sterilisation (which is also part of the COVAIDS project) is to dismantle the human immune system.

As Alan says, the reduction in human population by up to 90% is the declared objective of the people behind the vaccine. This has been known for decades via alternative media but for some reason the people who are the targets still don’t know they are the targets, and that vaccines are nothing less than the chosen weaponry of the globalist elites to shrink the human population.

At the very least please don’t rush to get a vaccine injected into your body.    In two years time you might start to see what effect the vaccine is truly having, or sooner.  The vaccine won’t even prevent you getting COVID, so what on earth is the point in joining the stampede, so the predators can pick you off?


Criminal with knife weapon hidden behind his back.

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  1. ian says:

    Very clearly explained Tap’. Excellent post.