One Response to “The Truth About Bill Gates”

  1. ian says:

    Years ago, I watched a comedy show, possibly, “not the nine o’clock news”, not sure though. In it was a sketch where someone mentioned a sniper taking aim to shoot Prince Leopold, luckily he missed, and the bullet passed harmlessly through a peasant who was working near by. That idea tickled me and I’ve used the line as it’s funny. It however represents exactly, the way that, not only Gates, but Boris, Fauci, Schwab, Matt Hancock, Uncle Tom Cobley and all, think about the rest of us ordinary troglodytes. Ok we’re mostly not cave dwellers, but we are viewed as insignificant entities who are un-needed now in the world. Especially white people. Given modern manufacturing methods, in most factories, unskilled uneducated beings from previously obscure places could do the work required, with little training and little cost. The society types that western traditionally white countries are used to, seem pointless to the Elite, why share anything with the riff raff. Let’s have a good clean out of whites, replace them with less high maintenance Third world folks who after all are used to draconian government laws, death squads and no handouts. Winner winner synthetic meat dinner.