2 Responses to “The Great Lockdown Debate: Peter Hitchens vs. Dan Hodges”

  1. richarda says:

    When challenges were raised against the first Lockdown it was always recognised that deaths were only postponed and not avoided.
    To say that a second wave was never expected is plainly wrong.
    Also, there is a failure to distinguish between a mandatory Lockdown and changes that a rational person would make to their lives on receipt of unbiased data.
    Spain had a lower annual mortality in 2020 than IIRC 2018. I will make the point that the UK’s death toll is higher than most other world and most European countries, so it is a question of cause, as well as a fair assessment against earlier adjusted mortality.
    This will be the last lockdown and it will continue for many many years.

  2. richarda says:

    I thought I should sleep on this before adding further comment.
    None of the important questions got asked. No real data was presented.
    This was no more than a bit of hair pulling in an echo chamber.
    Mr Hodges sole contribution was that line about further lockdowns and extensions being unacceptable.
    I don’t believe him.