The Dangers of Chronic EM Exposure and the Covid Vaccine

By Peter A. Kirby

My science advisor Ginny Silcox recently talked with Dustin Nemos about how chronic exposure to man-made electromagnetic energy plus the experimental Covid vaccine can be a very dangerous combination.

Not all electromagnetic energy (EM) is bad. Naturally occurring EM is generally benign or good for you. But, in large doses, even natural EM such as sunlight can be harmful to your health. You’ve heard of getting sunburned, right? Well, now we are living in a world where depopulation advocates like Bill Gates want to immerse people in massive doses of harmful, man-made EM. Add to that myriad other environmental toxins and all this can be very bad for us.
The coup de grâce here appears to be the experimental Covid vaccines. Ginny has done extensive research into how these vaccines can weaken cells in the Human body and make them more susceptible to EM such as 5G.

Ginny knows what she is talking about. The effects of EM upon the Human body is her area of professional expertise. This was her area of study when she held a Q clearance and worked as a contractor for the U.S. Department of Energy. Ginny warns us that people who work in environments saturated in high levels of EM, such as those who work in hospitals, are at risk – especially if they take the Covid vaccine. She also notes that children are particularly susceptible to EM.

The interview is interspersed with helpful illustrations and the host, Dustin Nemos, provides for a stimulating conversation as he displays his substantial knowledge of these subjects. At the heart of the conversation is the overall risks associated with these experimental Covid vaccines. Ginny even plugs my book, so this interview is not to be missed.

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