The Coronavirus Vaccine Survival Guide

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My colleague Amanda Angelini from The Institute for Natural Healing has a powerful message for you today. Keep reading…


In the next 60 seconds, I want to show you what’s really at stake with the vaccine mayhem.

I want to show you what life could look like over the next six months…

Prepare you for the difficult decision ahead…

Show you why the government could take away your freedom to choose at all…

And most importantly—

Reveal new options you may not hear from your doctor.

Options that could help save your life.

But first, I want to show you why now, more than ever, we need answers to the hard questions. Like…

Are you getting the FULL story on the vaccine?

The answer will shock some…and validate others.

But this presentation is designed to show you the truth. Click here to view the full details.


Amanda Angelini
The Institute for Natural Healing

TAP – I like this as it lays the emphasis on the vaccine being the main threat to health, not the Coronavirus.  The style is American, so British and other readers will need to speed up a bit!