The coming show trial of Donald Trump

The following actions will not be mentioned at the impeachment trial, but they should be.

1. Commitment to 9.11 truth

In his interview with Fox 5 News on September 11, 2001, Donald Trump made comments that opened up serious doubts concerning the 9/11 conspiracy theory that Arab terrorists holding papercutters took down three skyscrapers with two planes. Trump continued address this issue in private and he was not afraid to maintain close ties with 9/11 truth activists.

His willingness, as sitting president, to tolerate, and even to encourage, the discussion of the scientific problems with the official story was risky for his health and it alienated him from mainstream politicians, Democrat and Republican. His willingness to take on this impossible task represented a sincere loyalty to his supporters—a solidarity that that he never gave up even as he hobnobbed with the rich and powerful.

2. Demand for the release of classified documents on the Kennedy Assassination

Donald Trump used executive orders in October of 2017 in an attempt to force the CIA and the FBI to release all remaining classified documents concerning the Kennedy assassination of 1963. The criminal conspiracy in global finance, industry and government to kill Kennedy is obvious to anyone who has looked into the case even superficially. Yet the Federal Government still refuses to release the remaining documents that will make clear for the world what happened, and exactly who was responsible for what.

Trump’s push to get the papers released was not a favor for historians and conspiracy buffs.

The manner in which global finance was able to murder a president in cold blood when he tried to restore accountability to intelligence and to the military produced a slow-growing cancer in the executive branch that has festered ever since. Many institutional problems, such as the inability of any president to subject the Pentagon or the CIA to a meaningful audit, can be traced back to that sad day in November, 1963.

In effect, every American president knows that he can killed with impunity like Kennedy, or publicly humiliated, if he or she dares to hold to the Constitution or to challenge the shadow government of finace.

Trump’s actions were brave, and even inspiring. You can be sure that neither Bernie Sanders nor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, darlings of the “left,” will never dare to make such a demand.

3. Attacking the use of immigration to destroy the lives of American workers   

The vicious attacks (in government and in the streets) on immigrants that were encouraged by the rhetoric pouring forth from the mouth of Donald Trump were cruel and irrational.  Such actions should be condemned.

But we can walk and chew gum at the same time as citizens. As offensive and divisive as Trump’s rhetoric was, we must recognize two critical facts: 1) a series of classified directives and secret laws prevented Trump from talking directly about how the immigration crisis was linked to actions of corporations and investment banks; 2) his Democratic opponents were intimately involved in implementation of immigration as a weapon for class warfare but they were never called on this point by so-called “progressive” public intellectuals.

The immigration rush from Central and South America to the United States was a result of the plot of multinational to destroy the local economies of those countries and to devastate agriculture and crafts through a ruthless free trade, free investment scheme combined with cash payments to politicians to play stupid.

The working people of Latin America did not have any choice but to try to go to the United States.

At the same time, multinational banks and corporations used immigration policy as part of a strategy to destroy the economic foundations of life for the American worker, rendering him a helpless pawn in their push for a new form of slavery. The Democrats were silent about this greater conspiracy and Trump was right to denounce this deliberate policy to destroy America through immigration.

Secret law and classified directives made it impossible to discuss these brutal policies in the American media. When Trump took the unusual step of actually addressing class warfare via immigration he was forced by circumstances to describe it using caricatures that appealed to racist ideology.

He deserves credit for drawing attention to the issue.

4. Opposition to the free trade ideology  

Trump was the only candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign to address directly the manner in which the promotion of “free trade” regimes have been employed by the rich to destroy the economic foundations of life for Americans.

He was roundly condemned for undermining America’s commitment to global trade agreements and to financial treaties. Conservatives, progressives—and everyone in between—were happy to take a stab. But as inflammatory as his rhetoric may have been, Trump identified a criminal conspiracy of the rich around the world to create economic misery through trade.

The progressive Democratic politicians who claimed to be concerned about working people rarely hesitated to vote for free trade agreements. They pretended that these agreements would help ordinary people when they knew full-well that they were for the benefit of multinational corporations. Trump    stood virtually alone in condemning the trade scam and he deserves credit for his efforts.

5. Open opposition to the mask mandate, to the economic lockdown and to the vaccine regime in the name of COVID19

Donald Trump made numerous attempts to question from the office of the president the promotion of the bogus COVID19 pandemic as a national disaster, the insistence on the mandatory wearing of masks without any scientific basis and the nonsensical demands for an economic lockdown on the economy and the shutting down of public buildings and of schools. He was one of the few politicians willing to take such a position and as a result he gained support in the presidential election from African Americans and other groups who would normally never have supported a Republican.

When Trump questioned the need for the dangerous COVID19 “vaccines” promoted by multinational pharmaceutical corporations like Pfizer that contain destructive mRNA, and a variety of tracers and sensors embedded in DARPA hydrogel, his stand was heroic.

Although Trump took an anti-science stance when he questioned climate change in response to the demands of the Koch brothers, he was 100% supported by the science, and by numerous scientists, in the case of COVID19.

The result? Trump was subject to attacks from every side in the corrupt media for his commonsense statements. The darlings of the Democratic “left” rushed to embrace the corporate puppet Anthony Fauci when he attacked Trump for not shutting down the economy and he promoted these dangerous “vaccines.”

Moreover, when Trump was forced to endorse vaccines, he gave speeches in which he spoke of a “warp drive” project to develop them in months that would normally have taken years or decades.

Trump praised vaccines in a deliberately exaggerated manner as a means of telegraphing the truth to the people about the true nature of vaccines over the barriers to the dissemination of information erected in Washington D.C. Such a move was ingenious and brave—but mocked in the media.

6. Support for an open discussion about criminal conspiracies in the United States

The transformation of progressive sources of journalism like the Nation and Counterpunch into puppet shows where corporate power dresses up its fictions in the used clothing of the American leftist tradition is a tragedy of epic proportions. We witness a pathetic discourse on politics in which the “left” acts as a trained lapdog unable to speak about any of the real conspiracies.

It is to Donald Trump’s credit that he had the bravery to actively engage in an open discussion with those demanding an investigation into the criminal conspiracies taking place in America, and that he encouraged a fundamental questioning of the role of government and of corporations.

Specifically, Trump was attacked from all corners for his connections to believers in the “cult” of QAnon.

QAnon is an insider who leaks information about criminal actions at the highest levels of government. If you do a search for QAnon, you will find articles that condemn him as a fraudulent conspiracy peddler, that denounce his racist and isolationist positions, but you will not see QAnon’s texts quoted so that the reader can judge for himself.

None of the newspapers even gives the website address of QAnon: Wikipedia dismisses QAnon, saying,

“QAnon is a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against former U.S. president Donald Trump, who has been fighting the cabal. According to U.S. prosecutors, QAnon is commonly called a cult.”

The assumption that mainstream Democrats (and Republicans) cannot be linked to prostitution and pedophilia is easily proven false. For that matter, no mainstream politician has tried to discredit QAnon by launching international scientific investigations into the claims he makes about the 9/11 incident or the COVID19 campaign.

Significant inaccuracies in QAnon are a problem which can only be addressed through an open effort to identify which parts are accurate. The greater problem is the failure of most intellectuals to condemn the blatant fictions peddled by the New York Times and Washington Post.

In any case, Trump’s willingness as president to take on massive conspiracies is a necessary first step, and much to his credit.

7. Questioning of the legitimacy of the election

We are told over and over again that Biden won the election in a fair and transparent manner and that Trump’s efforts to contest the election are selfish and corrupt. This narrative is a massive fraud.

It is unclear who won that election, or whether it was an election at all. In any case, we should be delighted that Trump is the first candidate who was willing to stand up against the massive manipulation of the vote by corporate powers. We can only wish that Al Gore or John Kerry, or Bernie Sanders, or many others, had had the guts to stand up and refuse to accept the bogus elections that are forced on us.

The 2020 election was fixed from the start. The financial powers that run the United States put out a series of classified directives, and had the Congress pass secret laws that determined who the candidates would be and what topics could, or could not, be discussed.

It is no secret that the Biden camp used every dirty trick in their toolbox to secure the Democratic nomination, including manipulating the vote in the primaries to beat Bernie Sanders.

Why would anyone assume then that the Biden team would not manipulate the vote in a similar manner in the general election—especially in light of the support he received from neoconservatives close to the Bush clan?

In egregious cases like the sudden swing to Biden in Pennsylvania, progressives concerned with the democratic process should have demanded an international investigation that would have documented in a transparent manner the details of the vote. No Democrats have called for even reinstatement of exit polls.

It was to his credit, and not a sign of his selfishness, that Trump refused to concede to the election.

The real crime is that the progressives refused to demand a scientific investigation into the results of the election, rather than throw themselves at the feet of Biden as if he were the reincarnation of Robert Kennedy.

8. Condemnation of endless foreign wars

You know you are in the “Twilight Zone” when progressives who fall all over themselves to condemn Trump for racism and war mongering then fall silent when he, as a sitting president of the United States, condemned the criminal “forever wars” of the last twenty years and attacked the for-profit procurement system for weapons.

Trump comments on September 7, 2020 condemning foreign wars, and denouncing war profiteers, went beyond anything you will find coming out of the mouths of Democrats—and they were not the only such public statement by him. He stated:

“With Biden, shipped away our jobs, threw open our borders and sent our youth to fight in these crazy endless wars. And it’s one of the reasons the military—I’m not saying the military is in love with me, the soldiers are. The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs, that make the planes, that make everything else stay happy. But we are getting out of the endless wars.”

He ended his comments,

“Let’s bring our soldiers back home. Some people don’t like to come home. Some people like to continue to spend money. One cold-hearted globalist betrayal after another. That’s what it was.”

The entirety of the speech was theatre, and it was not entirely accurate, but Trump managed to slip past the censors a critique of the broken system that no other politician was able to do.

In fact, Trump’s comments are the first attack by a sitting president on that systematic corruption since President Eisenhauer’s condemnation of the “military industrial complex” in his farewell address of January 17, 1961 (almost exactly 60 years ago).

Obama, or Harris, for all their multiculturalism, are incapable of making such a statement because they rose to political power on the backs of private equity and venture capital, organizations that derive much of their cash from weapons sales, the promotion of corporation-centered “free trade” agreements and the tearing down all barriers to global capital’s rampage around the world.

Furthermore, Trump’s own farewell address was pointedly aimed at ordinary soldiers and critical of the political generals who use the military as a means to amass wealth.

His attempt to bond with ordinary soldiers, and to oppose the military profiteers, appears to be a sincere sentiment, and not a political posture.

9. Call to nationalize the Federal Reserve

Donald Trump made a serious effort to bring the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States under the control of the Treasury Department and to reign in the use of American debt by global finance for its own purposes.

How successful that effort to control the creation of money was is difficult to evaluate because the media is controlled by the same financial institutions that dominate the Federal Reserve system. The reports (both pro and anti Trump) are murky and obscure.

Moreover, because financial policy in the Federal Reserve, and in the Treasury Department, is increasingly rendered as classified, it is impossible to have a serious public discussion on fiscal policy.

Trump’s decision to bring in Larry Fink, the CEO of the multi-trillion dollar investment firm BlackRock, to play a central role in the Federal Reserve Bank was at best a Pyrrhic victory.

Trump supporters claim that at least the Rothschilds no longer control the Federal Reserve. I honestly do not know which reports to believe about the status of the Federal Reserve today.

What is clear, however, is that the theft of trillions from the Federal Reserve last year was a reality, and that Trump did try, perhaps unsuccessfully, to do something.

The upcoming show trial of Donald Trump   

Trump paid a price for talking about war profiteering and other criminal conspiracies during the election. He was suddenly diagnosed as positive for COVID19 on October 11 and his campaign was shut down at precisely the moment that was starting to make a discussion of criminal conspiracies central to the campaign.

But that was just the beginning of the attack. He was painted in the corporate media as a terrorist leader, like Osama Bin Laden, who incited his racist followers to commit an “armed insurrection.” But the occupation of the Capitol was more of a Laurel and Hardy show than a serious attack or insurrection and multiple reports have raised serious doubts as to what actually transpired. Needless to say, no progressives are asking for an international investigation.

Trump’s lawyers will not be able to address any of the unfair attacks on him by the media during the impeachment trial, nor will they be able to present evidence concerning his contributions to restoring the rule of law in the United States.

Nor will those lawyers be able to demonstrate that the criminal actions that took place during Trump’s administration were for the most part the fault of an executive branch that can no longer be controlled by the president. They cannot describe how Trump was set up for this show trial as a means to draw attention away from greater crimes.

All their efforts must go into defending Trump from the accusation that he masterminded the violent armed insurrection at the Capitol intended to stop the election of Joe Biden as president.

In other words, the door has been opened by this trial to using the full force of the Federal government to treat anyone who questions the vaccine regime, or demand inquiries into conspiracies like 9/11, as a domestic terrorist.

We have an obligation, not just for the sake of Donald Trump, but for the future of our children, to openly condemn this blatantly criminal effort to cook up an “insurrection” and then to blame it on the president.

Trump is part professional wrestler, part gameshow host, part mobster. I would not buy a used car from him, but one senses a certain loyalty and decency in him at the same time that he plays a ruthless political game.

He has the humanity and the personal attachments of the gangster. Perhaps Trump was not meant to be president, but he is more transparent than the Democrats who pray in secret at the altar of global finance.

No matter what you may think of his garish taste, his multiple marriages, his sensationalist statements, or of his supporters, Trump took numerous steps to pursue the truth that put him at risk and that deserve our grudging respect.

Emanuel Pastreich served as the president of the Asia Institute, a think tank with offices in Washington DC, Seoul, Tokyo and Hanoi. Pastreich also serves as director general of the Institute for Future Urban Environments. Pastreich declared his candidacy for president of the United States as an independent in February, 2020

The Impeachment Trial: In Defense of Donald Trump


2 Responses to “The coming show trial of Donald Trump”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    When Trump questioned the need for the dangerous COVID19 “vaccines” promoted by multinational pharmaceutical corporations like Pfizer that contain destructive mRNA, and a variety of tracers and sensors embedded in DARPA hydrogel, his stand was heroic.

    WOW, Really? And I suppose we’re expected to believe this patented BS!
    Yet he was very proudly and very publicly patting himself on the back as he so infamously does for everything he claims credit for achieving; for deploying the nation’s military to distribute the same ‘dangerous COVID19 vaccines’, via his so-called ‘Operation Warp Speed’ farce, in order to further terrify the gullible plebs – most of whom still blindly believe there is a ‘deadly pandemic’ waiting to devour them…
    Then the clincher:
    “Trump praised vaccines in a deliberately exaggerated manner as a means of telegraphing the truth to the people about the true nature of vaccines over the barriers to the dissemination of information erected in Washington D.C. Such a move was ingenious and brave—but mocked in the media.”
    How deluded is this guy? It reads like it was directly quoted from some false hope inspiring Q-Anon webpage.

    And, the above quoted text from this nonsensically biased fantasy is the point where I stopped reading. Cringing too much to read any further.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Positioning himself and Trump for the coming slaughter by so-called ‘vaccine’. Rates of death estimated at 50% by Dr Dolores Cahill. 75% of world population to be ‘vaccinated’ according to Fauci. A quick back of the envelope sum says 2-3 billion deaths within five years. Politicians will all be saying things like ‘I told you so.’ Only when it was too late. Fauci was behind the AIDS epidemic spread by Hepatitis B vaccine. Even before this he is the biggest killer in history.