The average age at which people die of Covid-19 is 82, which is close to the average age at which people die anyway.

Infections, hospitalisations and deaths are plunging, but millions who are at virtually no risk are being kept in house imprisonment. This is being done mainly because a selective regime of controls would be too difficult for the state to enforce. Coercion quickly becomes an object in itself.

Liberty is not an absolute value but it is a critically important one. Of all freedoms, the freedom to interact with other human beings is perhaps the most valuable. It is a basic human need, the essential condition of human happiness and creativity.

I do not doubt that there are extreme situations in which oppressive controls over our daily lives may be necessary and justified: an imminent threat of invasion, for example, or a violent general insurrection. Some health crises may qualify, such as a major epidemic of smallpox (case mortality about 30 per cent) or Ebola (about 50 per cent).

Covid-19 is serious, but it is not in that category or even close. It is well within the range of perils which we have always had to live with, and always will. According to government figures, more than 99 per cent of people who get Covid survive. The great majority will not even get seriously ill. The average age at which people die of Covid-19 is 82, which is close to the average age at which people die anyway.

The Prime Minister claims to believe in liberty and to find the current measures distasteful. Actions speak louder than words, and I am afraid that I do not believe him. He is too much of a populist to go against public sentiment. He lacks the moral and political stature to lead opinion rather than follow it.

I hope that I am wrong about this. But we shall soon know. In the next week Boris Johnson has an opportunity to show that he has some principles after all.

Lord Sumption.

TAP.  What will Lord Sumption have to say about the RNA vaccine that is targeted to kill two hundred times more people than COVID has, of all ages?  (Estimate of 20 million people in the UK – taking 50% of those vaccinated within five years – from Professor Dolores Cahill).  All the blather will seem pretty much irrelevant by then.  The Luciferians will have satisfied their blood lust presumably by then and might allow a few people a couple of freedoms.  Boris Johnson the biggest killer of British people throughout history by then (You think he doesn’t know?) and probably proud of the fact.