TEXAGEDDON : WHO’s Really Behind it and WHY?

Globalist-Directed Geoengineers Aim Their Powerful Weather Weapons at
the Lone Star State to Conduct Covert
Acts of False Flag Geoterrorism


Purposefully Carried Out by NWO Cabal
to Paralyze Texas Patriot Movement
and Shut Down Power Grid

State of the Nation

Occam’s Razor

Let’s be clear: the deliberate deep freeze of Texas is unparalleled by any standard.  There is simply no historical precedent for both the record-breaking cold temperatures and snowfalls so far south in Texas.

With this irrefutable knowledge, Occam’s razor tells us that such a catastrophic weather event was fastidiously geoengineered by all the usual suspects.

How could such an historic weather calamity not be the product of very stealthy weather manufacturing after highly sophisticated atmospheric manipulation?

Take a close look at the weather map below.  What it strongly suggests is that the largest ice storm in U.S. history was meticulously geoengineered to blanket the country’s second largest state by area.

Again, the application of Occam’s razor by any geoterrorism sleuth points directly to highly advance weather warfare being waged by the criminal geoengineeers on behalf of their globalist masters.

But why, pray tell, would the New World Order globalist cabal order such a devastating cataclysm?

Because Texas is a very RED state and ready to rumble with the Biden administration—that’s why!

In point of fact, the Abbott administration is prepared to roll out a series of measures and mandates that all serve to reclaim their various long-neglected constitutional state’s rights.  The Biden-Harris crime duo know this and are determined to make any pre-emptive strike necessary to thwart those FED-busting Texas government initiatives.

KEY POINT: Texas Tests The FED, Establishes Gold-backed Bank

Not only that, but Gov. Gregg Abbott executive team has prepared legislation that will fly in the face of Biden’s 2021 plan to lock down the state (and every other state).  These upcoming governor’s EOs will also push back hard on Biden’s absurd and unlawful Executive Orders that are promoting Obama’s ultra-liberal cultural marxist agenda.

Texas won’t have it.  None of it.  And Team Biden knowns it.

So, the career political criminals inside the Beltway have unleashed the most destructive weather weapons they can muster in 2021.

This current state of the art of geoengineered weather warfare is far beyond what anyone knows save the weather warriors.

Take a look at the following news reports to grasp the sheer depth and breadth of this ongoing series of false flag geoterrorist attacks

Even the 133-vehicle pile-up in Fort Worth, Texas that killed 6 and injured many more on February 11 was no accident of fate or fluke of nature. The murderous globalists will often take advantage of these weather calamities to inflict even more pain and suffering on their victims so that they will ultimately blame their GOP leaders.


When all else fails, the NWO globalist cabal always knows it can wage weather war or execute acts of false flag geoterrorism. See: POLAR VORTEX 2019: Globalists Use Winter Weather Warfare Against America—Why now?

How exactly do the geoengineers do it?  As follows:

The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

There is no more effective way to terrorize a whole state than to target it with weather weaponry.  What will a governor not do or acquiesce to in order to save and/or protect the resident of his or her state?

In the unfortunate case of Texas, the globalist have thrown one weaponzied frankenstorm after another for several years now.  Each of these had the purpose of showing the very independent Lone Star state who’s boss. See: Hurricane Harvey: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targets Texas—WHY?

It should be noted that Florida has also seen it’s share of weather warfare where that state has also been only on the receiving end.

Conservative states, with long-established Republican majorities in both legislative chambers, are always targeted by the exceedingly dangerous geoengineers, especially when they are the largest states in the nation.

Both Texas and Florida clearly wield way too much power and influence nationwide to avoid the attention (and wrath) of The Powers That Be.

State of the Nation
February 17, 2021

Recommended Reading


Notice the pink maps (both above and below) that are being used across all weather reporting stations.  That’s because the Democrats lit up One World Trade Center pink on the day that New York State approved INFANTICIDE as a legal form of abortion at 9 months.  These perfidious perps always use pink to cover for their nefarious deeds that are carried out to inflict much as much death and destruction as technologically possible.

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2 Responses to “TEXAGEDDON : WHO’s Really Behind it and WHY?”

  1. Gordon says:

    Yep! It was only ever a matter of time after fogged brained Biden got into the White House that the resumption of false flags under his controller (Obama) resumed.

    Did you ever notice that under Trump Chemtrailing hardly existed, that’s because he knew the score and had no time for the false premise of “Climate Change, which was/is in reality “Change of Climate.” Won’t be long before that one too becomes the norm again, and while I’m at it, keep an eye on the false flag mass shootings which will no doubt commence again in an effort to repeal the Second Amendment. If that ever comes about you Americans will be well and truly f…..! Keep your guns and keep your wits about you.