Robert F. Kennedy de-platformed by Google, Facebook

With the criminal tech giants now maliciously de-platforming James O’Keefe (Project Veritas), Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (Children’s Health Defense), Wayne Allen Root and anyone else who questions the false narratives of the totalitarian Left, we’ve entered a new, dark era where corporations now consider the American people to be their enemies.

This also happens to be the same posture of the Biden regime, which also sees the American people as the enemy, since most Americans didn’t vote for Biden and know the election was rigged.

Pushing the envelope of criminal journo-terrorism, CNN’s Drew Griffin is now engaged in crimes of cyber stalking and harassment in his attacks on Charlene and Ty Bollinger (see video below), doxing their home address while attempting to incite radical left-wing lunatics into committing violence against the Bollingers. While Twitter deplatformed James O’Keefe by claiming he interviewed a Facebook executive in front of his house, Twitter isn’t deplatforming CNN for doxing the Bollingers (because the tech terrorists and media terrorists all work together, of course).

Now, Bank of America is also engaged in terror-minded financial crimes against its own customers, surreptitiously scanning credit card transaction records to determine who bought air tickets or made hotel reservations in the D.C. area for January 6th, the day of the false flag capitol “riot.” In utter violation of federal law and the Fourth Amendment, Bank of America turned over these records — without any warrant ever being issued — to the FBI, another terror-linked organization that now operates as the law enforcement branch of Antifa / BLM to terrorize American conservatives and Trump supporters with politically-motivated investigations.

Meanwhile, Disney fired Gina Carano for a tweet where she warned that Leftists in America today were following in the footsteps of the Nazi-linked Germans who vilified Jews during the “cancel culture” of the Third Reich. For pointing out this powerful truth, Gina was fired by Disney, a corporation with a long history of child exploitation and globalist brainwashing.

Hundreds of U.S. corporations gave millions of dollars to Black Lives Matter in 2020, directly funding domestic terrorism of the Left. But those same corporations claim conservatives are the enemy, and they are now weaponizing their customer records, employment offices and merchant platforms to punish all conservatives, Christians and White people for their very existence.

The ultimate goal of this radical, dangerous, authoritarian Left is the mass execution of all conservatives and Christians in America. All they need now is a false flag mass shooting directed at their own people in order to whip up the national call for gun confiscation and the criminalization of conservative beliefs.

Trust me, that day is coming… they are putting together the plans for it right now. You haven’t even begun to see the mass mental illness that will be embraced Left-wing lunatics when they roll out their next false flag operation. It will make Sandy Hook look like a picnic.

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2 Responses to “Robert F. Kennedy de-platformed by Google, Facebook”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Oh well it was inevitable, therefore not surprising really given the current climate of rampant censorship of the truth the gullible masses must never know.
    Although I admire Mr Kennedy’s courageous and unrelenting determination to expose this act of genocide, currently being perpetrated under the guise of a non-existent ‘deadly pandemic’ and ‘health crisis’ to the masses, I’m very disappointed, in fact find it quite alarming that he’s also a firm believer in the ‘Covid-19′ ruse’s partner hoax and non-existent ‘crisis’: The alleged threat of so-called ‘climate change’, aka the ‘climate crisis’, which the very same cabal of humanity loathing Malthusians invented for the very same purpose: To serve as an effective Trojan Horse in which to conceal the same anti-humanity agenda of totalitarian global governance, enslavement and total control of all ordinary people and abolishment of all of their individual rights and freedoms and ultimately: massive depopulation.

    I find it very perplexing that a man of his calibre can see what’s so obviously going on with the fake ‘deadly pandemic’ ruse, but totally misses the obvious similarities of it to their original, invented, thus non-existent ‘climate crisis’, which he instead of also exposing the exact same pattern of hysterical fear propaganda, lies and alarmist rhetoric: firmly believes it’s a real ‘existential threat to all life on Earth’ and often jumps onto their alarmist ‘climate crisis’ band wagon with doom pixie: St Greta and her puppet masters Al Gore, Gates, XR movement and all the other doom and gloom ‘movers and shakers’; demanding we make sacrifices to ‘save the planet’ from those evil, selfish humans. Even in the middle of making speeches opposing the Covid-19 scam-demic.

    What’s the matter with this guy? Is he all there, or has his brain also been totally befuddled with years of incessant MSM championed ‘climate crisis’ rhetoric, the same as the world’s most famous high school drop-out: Saint Greta the doom pixie’s has?
    It certainly appears to have been.

    His background however is in law and politics, not physics or any of the sciences, so this might excuse his ignorance, but not really. Everyone now has the ability to do limitless research and fact check everything they’re told. Nobody has to believe anything they’re told, especially anything governments or the establishment media they manipulate, tells them. Common sense should tell Robert F Kennedy Jr that the ‘climate crisis’ he firmly believes threatens all life on Earth is actually an even bigger load of bunk than the fake ‘deadly pandemic’ is made of.

    The rest of the article is obviously from Gomez Adams, ( so I didn’t pay too much attention to it.

    • ian says:

      Hi Alan, I think that in some ways, it’s easy to see how the likes of RFK has the wrong impression on some subjects. Just about all history and “news/information”, that we receive from mainstream sources, is false, and serves an agenda. From history at school right up to the current day. All alternative views are just dismissed as conspiracy theory, or in some cases like the Holocaust, are forbidden by law in many countries, and people, well, most people don’t give it a second thought. Even supposedly smart mainstream interviewers, are well aware, that to step out of the narrow path, of officially accepted “by the big guys”, truth, would see them disappear into obscurity. For the masses, TV is enough, but anyone who steps outside the lines, and has the potential to get a platform, had better look out. Personally and I can’t verify all my suspicions, but I suspect that John Lennon, Rick Mayall, Paula Yates, and Peaches Geldoff, Jill Dando, and many others including the singer Prince, were likely disposed of, because they were starting to wake up and had an audience. Put one foot outside the box in any meaningful way, and you are finished.