PEOPLE! Don’t. Take. The. Covid. Vaccine.




Why does no one understand the true FDA status of the extremely dangerous and risky COVID-19 vaccines?!

NO COVID-19 Vaccine Has Been FDA Approved According to Their Standard Regulatory Process

Both the Moderna and Pfizer
COVID-19 Vaccines Have Been
Authorized for Emergency Use

KEY POINT: It’s critical for every vaccine recipient to correctly understand that neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna “Covid injections” are vaccines; rather, both of these ‘mRNA vaccines’ are actually “experimental gene therapy drugs”. See: BEWARE! The Highly Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine Contains Untested Synthetic mRNA

The American People must become aware
of this verified fact as stated on the FDA
website (Screenshot below confirms).
There are NO Covid vaccines currently in
use throughout the USA that have been
FDA approved specifically for all the
normal vaccination safety issues; nor have
any been certified to be 
free of harm to the
human body and proven not to cause the
many different types of vaccine injuries.

COVID-19 Vaccine Investigation Team

Massive MSM Campaign of Vaccine Disinfo, Misinfo & False Info

In light of this state of affairs, it can be declared that the Mainstream Media has been publishing numerous Covid news reports that were designed to mislead the public.

Many of those reports give the distinct impression that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are FDA approves. THEY ARE NOT.

Both of these highly experimental mRNA vaccines have only been authorized for emergency use, which means that every recipient is nothing but a human guinea pig.

The two groups at greatest risk in this reprehensible Big Pharma experiment are the elderly and those who have multiple comorbidities—at any age.

Of course, infants and all children should be protected from these impactive gene therapy injections for obvious reasons.


Because the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines are not vaccines, they actually contain a “cellular modification technology”.

“COVID-19 jab is not a vaccine; it’s a cellular modification
technology that causes a self-creating auto-immune
disease similar to AIDS” (Video)

Some Covid vaccine medical experts have even explained a much more sinister intent behind this extremely dangerous roll-out of mRNA vaccines

How the Depopulation COVID Vaccines Will Start
Working in 3-6 Months (Video)

Even the hard scientific data is confirming the worst fears about the mRNA vaccines that dominate the American vaccination programs made available by Operation Warp Speed.

For example, there is this recent and quite alarming Covid vaccine injury update from the Children’s Defense Fund.

501 Deaths & 10,748 Other Vaccine Injuries
After COVID-19 Vaccination Push

Bear in mind that the preceding report is likely to see those numbers easily double quite soon.

For those traditional vaccine takers looking to make an informed decision for their families about receiving this exceedingly hazardous vaccine, please be sure to watch the following important video.



Each and every person on Earth ought to know exactly what is being injected into their body via any COVOD-19 vaccination program.

However, folks everywhere also need to know that there’s something much more perilous associated with this unparalleled push to rapidly jab every human being on the planet.

The Ultra-Secret and Diabolical Agenda
Behind the COVID-19 Vaccine

Please, everyone, post and send out this crucial exposé to everyone you know.  If you have read and/or viewed any of the extremely compelling information shown above, then you know you are saving lives.  Or, you will be preventing a LOT of unnecessary pain and suffering for your loved ones.  Remember: “When in doubt, send it out … and much sooner than later!”

COVID-19 Vaccine Investigation Team
State of the Nation
February 14, 2021


2 Responses to “PEOPLE! Don’t. Take. The. Covid. Vaccine.”

  1. Occams says:

    I’ve completely given up trying to educate the Terminally Stupid. The information/educated-lacking decision is now entirely theirs, because they simply refuse to listen.

    As I was told last weekend by a friend that I THOUGHT would know;

    “This thing [covid] is absolutely deadly”

    ‘Let the scrubbing (gene pool) begin!’

    • ian says:

      You describe an assessment of the masses shared by many waken people Occams, me included. Being isolated then confronted by brain dead ideas when you do get to talk to someone, is quite jarring. I have done my best with those who are close. Now everyone is on their own.