Passing Observations 33

This is a long standing series of small items which have caught my eye and which seem relevant, startling, amusing or all three. Occasionally, items which appear here may return as a longer piece. Mostly they will not.

1. If you want to see the proof that global warming is a myth, you must read `Greta’s Homework’ by bestselling author Zina Cohen. `Greta’s Homework’ contains 101 truths about climate change that everyone should read (`especially hysterical, hypocritical mythmakers’). The book is available as an eBook and a paperback on Amazon.
2. The cruel chaos destroying the world is nothing to do with saving the environment, protecting the planet or keeping people alive. It is all about the two things that have always driven evil men and women: power and money.
3. Hero (and future Mayor of London) Piers Corbyn has been arrested because of a leaflet showing a picture of Auschwitz and drawing attention to the covid-19 vaccine. I really cannot see why this is worthy of an arrest. I suspect that the covid-19 vaccine will kill and injure more people than were killed at Auschwitz. (I base this thought on figures from the CDC and others.) In a democracy this would be vigorously debated and I would win. We have no democracy or free press so it will not be debated, and critics will remain unabashed and un-shamed.
4. Similarly, it is not difficult to argue that the covid-19 whateveritis has killed fewer people than the flu does in a bad flu year. Once again, I would be happy to debate this contention. But no one in the mainstream media has the balls to do so. And so silence will reign supreme. Science has, in the past, always grown through dissent and debate. No more.
5. A man in Walsall has apparently tested positive for the South African covid strain – after he took part in a vaccine trial. Why I am not surprised?
6. I had a nightmare. The Government was doing a trial on 500 oldsters. Half would be shot in the head, half would be shot in the body and half would be shot at random. The Government would then see which method killed quickest. The trial, I dreamt, was being conducted at Cullompton by a Mr Cullins. What could this mean?
7. YouTube banned my latest video in less than an hour. This had a dramatic effect on my latest Brand New Tube video (since the first was signposting people to the second).The opposition is cunning.
8. Lunatics are claiming that the UK economy will rebound strongly when everyone has been vaccinated. And they say that we will all have a wonderful, carefree summer. It will rain only at night and none of us will ever have any worries. Oh dear.
9. According to the BBC, the NHS says that about one in three people who had the covid-19 vaccine had some side effects but adds that `some side effects are to be expected and not a bad thing’. And everyone who does the Lottery this year will win at least £10 million. And the moon is definitely made of green cheese, and that is not a bad thing. And all the people dying after having had the vaccination were hallucinating or just playing dead to discredit the vaccine.
10. The Government is excited to report that trials are being conducted with patients receiving mixed vaccinations. I predict that the results will be available in twenty minutes and will show that there are absolutely no dangers. I deny all suggestions that I am being cynical about this.
11. On Monday 1st February, on the magnificent Richie Allen radio show, I predicted that the UK government would promise that all would be tickety boo by the autumn. (They are, of course, constantly promising that all will be well soon. It’s part of the psy-op.) On Wednesday, they announced that a new vaccine against the covid mutations would be available in the autumn, thereby banishing all our cares. Predicting the Government’s next move has become ridiculously easy.
12. From March 2020, the service provided by most GPs (family doctors) in the UK has varied between appalling and virtually non-existent. Could GPs really be so stupid as to believe the nonsensical statistics provided by the Government and its advisors? Were GPs cowed by the Government’s threats that anyone who spoke out would lose their job and their licence to practise? If that were the case then those doctors should have been hounded out of their jobs and forced to retrain as traffic wardens. Or were many of those doctors simply lazy and eager to grab a chance to enjoy a long, well-paid holiday from their responsibilities? At some surgeries, patients were forced to wait outside and endure heat or cold. Was this part of the culling process? Nothing would surprise me. Relatives were told that they could not accompany patients. This wasn’t science or medicine. It was politicised black magic.
13. Businesses have been turning away people without masks. This seems to me to be against the law, since those who can’t wear masks do not have to do so. This is clear discrimination against the physically and mentally ill. Business owners who discriminate against those who are exempt from wearing masks, should be made aware that Kester Disability Rights recently helped a disabled woman win £7,000 in compensation by a service provider who refused her access to a service because she was unable to wear a face mask.
14. Hospital doctors are reporting that children as young as 10-years-old are self-harming as a result of the fake pandemic. How many suicides will there be this year?
15. Alcohol deaths in the UK have reached a new high. The Government will doubtless claim that this has nothing whatsoever to do with the lockdowns, the lies and the chaos. They’ll probably blame it on global warming.
16. The Test and Trace service in the UK has hired 900 consultants from a company called Deloitte at a rate of £1,000 per day each. Good to know that the Goldman Sachs trained Chancellor of the Exchequer has money to throw away.
17. An old television interview with me from the early 1980s has surfaced on YouTube. Readers might like to know that I still have the jacket I was wearing in that interview. The jacket is nearly half a century old and still wearable (though, like every other item of clothing I own, it does have the inevitable ink stains.)
18. In March 2020, the United Nations warned that right wing groups were `exploiting online platforms for in group communication and radicalisation.’ How the UN (promoter of the evil Agenda 21) managed to keep a straight face when making this warning is quite beyond me. Oscars all round.
19. You will doubtless be delighted to hear Pfizer is reporting good money from its vaccine sales. This is exciting news for Pfizer investors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Pfizer expects to generate £11 billion (or about a quarter of its total revenue this year) from sales of its covid-19 vaccine. Sales could exceed £15 billion. Pfizer expects there could be a long-lasting need for covid vaccines to combat new variants and to boost waning immune responses. Gosh, there’s a surprise.
20. Lots of politicians and celebrities look as if they’ve had nice haircuts recently. Where are they getting this done? I thought hairdressers and barbers were supposed to be closed. Maybe they’re all flying out to Dubai for a little styling and crimping.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 5th 2021

Vernon Coleman’s book about the history of medicine (`The Story of Medicine’) is available as a paperback and an eBook on Amazon. Naturally, it contains a little information about real plagues. The book deals with medicine through the ages – from the beginning until recently.



2 Responses to “Passing Observations 33”

  1. Prometheus says:

    The Covid-19 scam and the depopulation ‘vaccine’ go hand in hand with ‘climate change’.

    We are carbon based lifeforms and they want to reduce ‘carbon emissions’… i.e. reduce us humans.

    The virus is fake but the vaccine is not as it’s designed to get rid of us one way or another as we are carbon-based lifeforms.

    With all the chemtrails too they are trying to change the atmosphere into a silica-based climate along with all the heavy metals.

    So, depopulation is the goal as the Georgia Guidestones clearly state.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Glad you mentioned this Prometheus:
      “With all the chemtrails too they are trying to change the atmosphere into a silica-based climate along with all the heavy metals.”

      Until quite recently, I dismissed that story about ‘chemtrails’ as naïve and utter nonsense.

      Now, I believe NOTHING is beyond these horrible, humanity loathing Malthusians.

      You’re right on all of the points you’ve raised.

      We (the plebes of this Godforsaken world), need to amass a huge, modern day equivalent of a ‘lynch mob’ and take them all down while we still have a chance.
      Our fellow citizens believe the hype and are happy to be enslaved to these grotesque abominations that hate them, so they’re not interested in breaking this coup by mass non-compliance, or doing anything to help themselves, because most of the obedient morons don’t see a problem; therefore don’t see a need to do anything, other than help their masters to censor every dissenting voice and if possible: destroy anyone who dares to oppose this despicable totalitarian agenda, concealed within their Trojan Horse of an invented, (thus non-existent) ‘climate crisis’ and its partner, ‘deadly pandemic’ Mega-hoax.

      We’re left with no other option than to kill, or at least lock these dangerous criminals – treasonous and murderous tyrants, safely away, before they exterminate us.

      The harsh reality is this: The deep state, or the ruling class cabal, or whatever you wish to call these creatures: have already started their long planned cull of humanity!
      Yet most of the stupid masked zombies can’t even see what’s going on before their very eyes, because they’ve been successfully indoctrinated over several decades via the corrupt education system and lying MSM, NOT TO.

      Bottom line:
      Nobody who’s aware of what’s actually going down, can in their right mind, just continue to step back and do nothing.
      Our lives are literally at stake.