No-Vax Doctors & Nurses Defiant with Italian Health Authorities

ER Editor: From this and related reports on the same website, a solid percentage (30% is the general estimate of the regions taken together) of Italian medical personnel are refusing to get vaccinated. Medical authorities are typically taking a hardline, saying doctors and nurses who refuse should be replaced and employed elsewhere or fired, that refusal should not be a personal decision but regarded as one which shows contempt for the health of others.

It is shocking to find health authorities automatically following a blindly pro-vax policy when the vaccine they are obliging others to take has not been sufficiently tested and understood. Doesn’t the medical profession understand its own products? Especially given that infection and death rates FOLLOWING VACCINATION are distinct trends among healthcare workers and the elderly. Our sympathies go out to these healthcare workers.

Brindisi, the city featured in the report below, lies on the Adriatic (north) coast, on the ‘heel’ of the Italian ‘boot’.


Covid, no vax doctors write to the Asl of Brindisi: “If you kick us we are ready to appeal”


The Order had asked the ASL (ER: Azienda Sanitaria Locale is the central administration for public healthcare in Italy) to take action against doctors who do not want to vaccinate and the issue has also intervened on the president of the National Order, Filippo Anelli. Now a collective letter (which is anonymous) brings attention to the professionals who refuse to immunize themselves.

The President of the Medical Association of the province of Brindisi, Arturo Oliva, had asked the Director General of the ASL Giuseppe Pasqualone to take action against doctors who have refused the Covid vaccine. Oliva asks that it be guaranteed for the safety of care for patients entering the hospital that could risk being infected by unvaccinated health personnel.

At the moment, the ASL of Brindisi has not taken any action, as well as any other Italian ASL. Meanwhile, in the Directorate General has received a letter signed by “health personnel not vaccinated”. A letter almost anonymous because at the bottom there is no name, in which doctors and nurses at the Perrino hospital explain their reasons and especially threaten appeals, complaints, lawsuits and claims for damages if the director general should take action against them.

The letter is mainly addressed to the president of the National Order of Physicians Filippo Anelli, and the authors say they are members of the Anaao – Assomed (association of medical directors).

At the base of their choice not to vaccinate are several reasons. The first would be their role: “Among us – they say – there are colleagues who work in pathological anatomy, forensic medicine, transfusion, laboratory analysis, molecular biology and immunology laboratory, pharmacies, all staff who are not in direct contact with any patient, with all the safety devices and handling biological material with all precautions. We have always been in the field with responsibility since the beginning of this bad pandemic”.

The second reason concerns some doubts that these doctors have about the Covid vaccine. “Many of us – they explain – did not blindly trust a vaccine put on the market by a questionable pharmaceutical company with almost zero testing, with a very fast and not validated mRNA technology”. But these same doctors leave a door open to future vaccinations. The ASL has let it be known that this unsigned letter has no value.


No-Vax Doctors & Nurses Defiant with Italian Health Authorities