My Reply to the One-Sided BBC Panorama Programme on Vaccination

(This is the script of Vernon Coleman’s contribution to the film `We will not be silenced’ (Ask the Experts II) which was published on 20th February 2021 by Oracle Films and Covileaks. It is Vernon’s response to a Panorama programme which was broadcast on 15th February 2021.)

My name is Vernon Coleman. I was a British GP for ten years and resigned because I refused to break patient confidentiality by putting diagnoses on sick notes. That, incidentally, was the only time I was ever disciplined. I was fined by the NHS for this and it’s something I am proud of because patient confidentiality is important to me.

The BBC’s official policy is not to allow any discussion or debate about vaccination. Instead, they accept as gospel anything the Government, the regulators and the drug companies tell them. Those who question any aspect of the Government line are banned.

This is an extraordinary state of affairs for a national broadcaster which is supposed to inform and educate its viewers and listeners and to provide a fair and accurate account of the news; and it means that those who obtain all or most of their information from the BBC are never fully informed about a topic which is, almost certainly, the most important health issue of our times.

To use a sporting metaphor it’s as though the BBC were to report on a football match between Manchester United and Liverpool but to tell its viewers and listeners only what the Liverpool players were doing and to count only the goals scored by Liverpool.

The result, of course, is propaganda. And the BBC’s policy exposes it to ridicule and contempt from independent scientists and journalists.

It is impossible to defend such a one-sided approach to informing the public.

Especially at a time when the public is desperate for accurate information.

Despite all the Government’s propaganda and advertising, around one third of the population still have serious doubts about the planned vaccination programme and there are millions who are desperately seeking solid, unbiased information upon which to base their decisions.

They won’t get that information from the BBC which steadfastly denies the evidence and follows the official ‘Gatesian’ line that the covid-19 jabs are effective and safe when the science clearly shows that they are neither.

Indeed, instead of just refusing to debate with those who question the plan to give an experimental covid-19 jab to everyone in the world, the BBC seems to do everything it can to demonise those who dare to tell the truth about the jab and, indeed, about everything else related to covid-19.

When it comes to propaganda, the BBC has form, of course.

But it’s in the area of covid-19 that the BBC’s ignorance and failure to understand research or science really becomes blatant and embarrassing. Their attempts to fact check expert claims are so poor that I fear that an infant school teacher would be embarrassed if her pupils produced such shoddy work as part of a science project. This is truly pathetic, a mark of D minus would be for getting the date right.

For example, when the BBC decided that the Government’s official line on mask wearing needed support , they ignored around 100 solid, scientific papers, interviewed a solitary advisor who said masks were essential and safe, quoted a curious WHO report that masks wouldn’t lead to hypoxia and then concluded that a whole library of scientific evidence could safely be ignored or, in their words, debunked.

If this embarrassingly childish approach to science was simply embarrassing to the BBC it wouldn’t matter much. I don’t think the BBC has much of a reputation anyway these days.

But there are, sadly, some who still believe what they hear or see or read from the BBC. And the lives of those people are in danger as a result of this grotesque parody of journalism.

By the time the covid-19 fraud has been finally condemned, I believe the BBC will have been responsible for tens of thousands of deaths.

What a long way the BBC has travelled from the stout and solid aims of Lord Reith that the organisation should educate and inform.

Like many others I’ve spent most of the last year campaigning against this fraud because I know that governments around the world are engaged in a massive conspiracy. And, for the record, my campaigning has cost me hugely in terms of reputation and finance. BBC staff are well rewarded to endorse the Government’s Gatesian line. I haven’t made one penny out of my videos or articles about this fraud. On the contrary the cost in personal and financial terms has been massive. I made a video for Brand New Tube explaining exactly how my Wikipedia page had been deliberately altered to demonise me within days of my starting this campaign in March 2020.

Anyone who says the covid-19 jab is extremely safe and completely effective is lying. There is a long list on my website of just some of those who’ve been killed or injured by what is without question an experimental jab.

Anyone who looks at my record will see that I have spent my life campaigning passionately on behalf of patients. I am not going to be bullied into silence by people who don’t understand the meaning of science or the responsibility of journalists.

As always, everything I’ve said or written is based on hundreds of scientific papers and real evidence – much of which is available on my website, free. My two recent books on the fraud are also available free on my website.

And, unlike the BBC, I don’t have any financial links with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Copyright Vernon Coleman February 20st 2021

To watch the entire film, which is on Brand New Tube, just click here


3 Responses to “My Reply to the One-Sided BBC Panorama Programme on Vaccination”

  1. Tapestry says:

    COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Threat Demands State Activism

    By Charles Frohman
    NHF Lobbyist

    February 10, 2021

    One of the major outcomes for health freedom after the year-long COVID-19 hysteria has been the absolute decline in vaccine enthusiasm. With employers in government and private businesses threatening to impose vaccine mandates and physical tracking in order for us to work, travel, or shop, now is the time for Americans to pressure their local and State politicians to protect informed consent. Each one of you can help with the following four simple steps:

    Copy the sample letter below, then click here to input your zip code, and send the email to your State legislators: (Or, you can modify and personalize your letter using this sample.)

    Let fellow activists know you have sent a letter (or received a response), by commenting about your effort at the NHF Facebook page, below lobbyist Charles Frohman’s video about this grassroots campaign: If everyone comments, we will learn from each other useful tips on how to help win on this crucial vaccine-choice issue.
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    National Health Federation: Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. The NHF is the only such organization with accredited delegate status at Codex meetings.


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  2. Tapestry says:

    I can’t post on Tap News currently. But can comment! I found this gem on
    Third Time’s A Charm!!!

    GcMAF Scientist Released from Prison after 19 Harrowing Months of Confinement

    But David Noakes Is Still Confined

    Their Trial Is Set for March 22-26, 2021

    By Scott C. Tips

    At a hearing before a three-judge panel in Paris, France yesterday, the attorneys for David Noakes and Dr. Lynda (“Lyn”) Thyer made their separate appeals to the panel for the release of their clients from pre-trial detention. The Judges ordered Lyn Thyer released but not David Noakes.

    Lyn and David, as you will recall, had been falsely charged with distributing the “anti-cancer” product GcMAF within France. If anything, the distribution of GcMAF in the United Kingdom (not France) had helped save many people’s lives. The charges brought against them in France are not only false but spiteful. After having already served five months in a UK prison, David was referred by the UK authorities to the French government, which then launched its own persecution of both David and Lyn for alleged activities during their brief, private tourist visits in France. Lyn – who had never been charged at all in the UK – was extradited in the Summer of 2019, and, with two brief exceptions, had remained in the Fleury-Mérogis Prison for Women in the suburbs of Paris until last night.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Smoking gun: Fauci states COVID PCR test has fatal flaw; confession from the “beloved” expert of experts
    The COVID PCR test is a complete fraud
    by Jon Rappoport
    (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.)
    This article is part of my current series on the COVID PCR test. These articles prove that the test is fatally flawed, gives rise to hugely inflated and false case numbers, which in turn lead to the unnecessary and brutal lockdowns.

    I’m hoping readers will spread this information far and wide.

    OK, here we go. Smoking gun. Jackpot.

    Right from the horse’s mouth. Right from the man we’re told is the number-one COVID expert in the nation. What Fauci says is golden truth.

    Well, how about THIS?

    July 16, 2020, podcast, “This Week In Virology”: Tony Fauci makes a point of saying the PCR COVID test is useless and misleading when the test is run at “35 cycles or higher.” A positive result, indicating infection, cannot be accepted or believed.

    Here, in techno-speak, is an excerpt from Fauci’s key quote (starting at the 3m50s mark): “…If you get [perform the test at] a cycle threshold of 35 or more…the chances of it being replication-competent [aka accurate] are miniscule…you almost never can culture virus [detect a true positive result] from a 37 threshold cycle…even 36…”

    Each “cycle” of the test is a quantum leap in amplification and magnification of the test specimen taken from the patient.

    Too many cycles, and the test will turn up all sorts of irrelevant material that will be wrongly interpreted as relevant.

    That’s called a false positive.

    What Fauci failed to say on the video is: the FDA, which authorizes the test for public use, recommends the test should be run up to 40 cycles. Not 35.

    Therefore, all labs in the US that follow the FDA guideline are knowingly or unknowingly participating in fraud. Fraud on a monstrous level, because…

    Millions of Americans are being told they are infected with the virus on the basis of a false positive result, and…

    The total number of COVID cases in America—which is based on the test—is a gross falsity.

    The lockdowns and other restraining measures are based on these fraudulent case numbers.

    Let me back up and run that by you again. Fauci says the test is useless when it’s run at 35 cycles or higher. The FDA says run the test up to 40 cycles, in order to determine whether the virus is there. This is the crime in a nutshell.

    “Hello, America, you’ve been tricked, lied to, conned, and taken for a devastating ride. On the basis of fake science, the country was locked down.”

    If anyone in the Congress has a few brain cells operating, pull Fauci into a televised hearing and, in ten minutes, make mincemeat out of the fake science that has driven this whole foul, stench-ridden assault on the global economy and its 8 billion citizens.

    All right, here are two chunks of evidence for what I’ve written above. First, we have a CDC quote on the FDA website, in a document titled: “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel For Emergency Use Only.” See pdf page 38 (doc page 37). This document is marked, “Effective: 12/01/2020.” That means, even though the virus is being referred to by its older name, the document is still relevant as of Dec 2020. “For Emergency Use Only” refers to the fact that the FDA has certified the PCR test under a traditional category called “Emergency Use Authorization.”

    FDA: “…a specimen is considered positive for 2019-nCoV [virus] if all 2019-nCoV marker (N1, N2) cycle threshold growth curves cross the threshold line within 40.00 cycles ([less than] 40.00 Ct).”

    Naturally, MANY testing labs reading this guideline would conclude, “Well, to see if the virus is there in a patient, we should run the test all the way to 40 cycles. That’s the official advice.”

    Then we have a New York Times article (August 29/updated September 17) headlined: “Your coronavirus test is positive. Maybe it shouldn’t be.” Here are money quotes:

    “Most tests set the limit at 40 [cycles]. A few at 37.”

    “Set the limit” would usually mean, “We’re going to look all the way to 40 cycles, to see if the virus is there.”

    The Times: “This number of amplification cycles needed to find the virus, called the cycle threshold, is never included in the results sent to doctors and coronavirus patients…”

    Boom. That’s the capper, the grand finale. Labs don’t or won’t reveal their collusion in this crime.

    Get the picture?

    I hope so.

    If a lawyer won’t go to court with all this, or if a judge won’t pay attention and see the light, they should be stripped of their jobs and sent to the Arctic to sell snow.

    (The link to this article posted on my blog is here — with sources.)

    (Follow me on Gab at @jonrappoport)

    Use this link to order Jon’s Matrix Collections.

    Jon Rappoport