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Most ??????? ?????? 10 Minutes of your LIFE

Edward Snowden 2021

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You can make a difference but the only time you make a difference is when you actively make that difference, when you make a choice to change things.

The world is asking you right now, history is asking you right now, to click okay to continue, and for me I’m done clicking.

Voting as a Tool to Create the Illusion of Consent

The same applies in Canada and many other nations.

The oligarchy still needs us to believe we are free so we won’t get serious about revolution, and voting is the best tool for maintaining this illusion.

It serves the dual purposes of providing an outlet for our righteous indignation, pacifying our anger, sapping our political drive [and personal power], and of acting as a survey to determine which policies will meet the least amount of popular resistance.

When we show up on election day, knowing full well the candidates we’ve been presented with do not represent our ambitions for  our nation, we are tacitly expressing our willingness to being governed in this manner. We are contributing to the perception that our rulers have our permission to carry on, and by doing such we are acquiescing ever further to their dominion over us. Read more at https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/in-an-oligarchy-voting-is-a-tool-to-manufacture-the-illusion-of-consent/

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino