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London: Buses Changed from Red to Black to Instill Fear over Alleged Rise in Covid-19 ‘Cases’

Black scare bus, Bitchute
UK Prime Minster Boris Johnson announced a national lockdown in early January and a big black Covid-19 double decker scare bus was seen in London, warning people of the dangers through loudspeakers. The bus visits locations such as supermarkets and high streets where there is high footfall. Some of the messages from the bus include: “Numbers of new cases are now rising steeply;” “2 to 3 people are dying of Covid in Redbridge every day;” and “Protect yourselves and your loved ones – avoid mixing indoors with other households.”

Link for video of bus: https://www.bitchute.com/video/O1r3jNoJOzXl/

We all know coronavirus cases are increasing throughout London.

The virus is spreading so fast that Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a new national lockdown last night (Monday, January 4).

Some areas of the capital are now among the worst affected areas in England.

Redbridge, which had an infection rate of 1,381 cases per 100,000 people in the seven days to December 31, is the third most infected place in the country.

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Things have got so bad that a black bus is being driven around the borough to warn residents about the rising Covid-19 cases.

MyLondon has been told the bus is a Redbridge Council bus, and not part of TfL’s fleet.

The bus visits locations such as supermarkets and high streets across the borough, where there is high footfall.

“Act now,” says the signage on the bus.

“Covid-19 cases in Redbridge very high.

“Keep your families safe.”

It adds: “Redbridge is currently seeing over 200 new Covid cases per day.

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2 Responses to “London: Buses Changed from Red to Black to Instill Fear over Alleged Rise in Covid-19 ‘Cases’”

  1. Tapestry says:

    OMG – a black bus. Pity of it is that such stupid devices seem to work, driving people relentlessly towards the AIDS – immune system killing vaccine. I spoke to two people today who have had it in the last two days. Both report substantial effects – one, a man in his 70s mentioned having a tight chest. He is a nice guy. I hope he survives.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    Well If they can get away with that sort of relentless, totally unnecessary and society destroying fear mongering propaganda, based upon easily provable lies, why can’t we decorate a bus or even 2 or 3 buses to spread the opposite but TRUTHFUL message? Warning the obedient masked zombies of the true purpose and most importantly: the dangers hidden within this despicable, smoke screened agenda?

    Paint it with a huge mural that encompasses the entire bus to make it look like a large wooden (Trojan) horse, which of course is exactly what their non-existent ‘deadly pandemic’ really is. And, inside have a team giving away free brochures and info about the scam which they were successfully hoodwinked into believing and are now needlessly living in fear of, while volunteering their servitude to tyrants who actually hate them – by their gleeful acquiescence to the despotic government’s anti-freedom and anti-humanity diktats, designed purely to destroy and enslave them; not to mention completely annihilate the whole world’s economy.
    I’m sure there would be enough of is to crowd-fund such a project.

    Just to see Boris’s and Matty’s horrified faces along with their jackbooted pigs and stasi-like snitching Karen’s and Kevin’s horrified outrage to such a publicity stunt alone, would make it all the more worthwhile trying.