Killer Gates Exposed as Dangerous Psychopath!! Must See Documentary!


Multiple Trips to Epstein Island – Link to Child Sex and Murder Videos.  The Covid-19 vaccine is the Mark of the Beast and Killer Gates is the Beast 666.

The Messenger RNA DNA changing vaccine is the first of its kind and has not even been tested on animals.  Humans are being used as guinea pigs.  The recovery rate for Covid is 99.997%.


Now that Bill Gates and his network have ravaged the livelihoods of the global population (aside from the crippling health consequences of the toxic vaccines he sponsors and profits from) and caused, in the form of the “problem”, a meltdown of the global economy by unleashing his planned Fake Pandemic, he and his like-minded group of future-makers are ready to offer the “solution”.

To those of us researching the cabal, these plans are not anything new and their moves are easy to anticipate as they hide everything in plain sight.

The New World Order is intended to rise out of the ashes of the Old World Order and the Old World Order has been long planned to be destroyed by a purposefully engineered global economic meltdown. This is classic Problem-Reaction-Solution.


Problem-Reaction-Solution (PRS) (Latin: Ordo ab Chao – Order out of Chaos) is a mass mind control system. It is also called the “Hegelian Dialectic” from the German philosopher, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

PRS is used to enforce changes on a citizenry that they would otherwise reject. This is accomplished by first creating a problem such as a fake pandemic or a terrorist attack, followed by the manufacturing of a reaction by leveraging control of mainstream narratives (broadcast networks or social media) by only focusing on the side of the problem that you want to control, and then finally offering a solution such as a global economic reset and the implementation of tyrannical control coupled with perpetual surveillance.

What, you may ask, is the solution to the economic meltdown as caused by the fake pandemic? This is certainly what the future-makers intend to discuss at the twin summit known as The Great Reset that is to be convened by the World Economic Forum!

Next On The Agenda: The Great Reset Fraud

Bill Gates Took Multiple Trips to Epstein’s Orgy Island, Links to Child Sex and Murder Porn Uncovered

Posted on August 2, 2020 by State of the Nation


Submitted by Harold Saive

– Gates’ Multiple trips to Epstein island


– Horrors of Covid-19 Vaccine

– Gates and Fauci role in Engineered Covid Pandemic

– Great Economic Reset and Downfall of Global Economy

Gates and his enormous wealth and influence in the global health agencies operate no different than a terrorist state deploying bio-terrorism, thinly disguised as a vaccine.

The Great Reset – Brought to You by Bill & Melinda Gates

COVID19, The Great Reset and The New Normal

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2 Responses to “Killer Gates Exposed as Dangerous Psychopath!! Must See Documentary!”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    “Dr. Lorraine Day Interview On The Corona Hoax And How It Is Being Used To Muzzle Us And Enslave Us Prior To Us Being Railroaded To The FEMA Camps. Great Video For People That Want To Know The Truth!
    And that’s the biggest (perhaps impossible) challenge to overcome with this entire living nightmare, which is now our terrifying ‘new normal’ reality: Most ‘People’ (the dumbed-down, enslaved & compliant sheople, all rapidly and blindly marching in lockstep with the agenda’s timetable towards the abyss), don’t want to know it, or, prefer to ridicule, marginalize, ostracise, and even destroy the lives of those trying in vain to warn them about it.

    Hmmmm, It all seems vaguely familiar….
    Wasn’t there a similar scenario depicted in the Bible, relating to an impending great flood?

  2. Tapestry says:

    It wouldn’t be so bad rejecting truth if they weren’t so bloody miserable!