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Is the Boris regime a government or a Death Cult?


by Steve Cook

The crimes of the UK government on the matter of Covid are many and vicious.

In my book one of the worst has been the suppression of several known, highly effective and safe cures.

Covid 19 is in fact a very curable disease, as doctors working with Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine will tell you.

There are doubtless others but the doctors using these two remedies found that they considerably ameliorated the severity and duration of the illness and reduced fatalities by 80 or more percent.

Yet these front line doctors were ignored and the cures were quickly suppressed and kept our of view of the public and the withholding of them enabled the “big scary pandemic” psyop to proceed and in turn “justify” the lockdown.

After all, a bug can’t strike terror into the hearts of the citizenry and render them suggestible if it gets around that it is easily cured.

The lockdown of course is “justified” only if you ignore the stats and the hard evidence provided by countries that did not lock down (and ALL OF THEM have fewer fatalities by far than we).

But consider the atrocity of withholding known cures from people who needed them and died needlessly for want of them. People who could have been saved were allowed to die. What sort of scumbag lost to all humanity does that?

If you believe government stats at all, then we apparently have over 100,000 Covid deaths (Third highest per capita fatality rate on the entire ruddy planet).

Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine could have saved 80,000 of those.

So the government’s denial of cures has cost possibly 80,000 lives and that is before you even start counting the deaths caused by the lockdowns that those deaths “justified”.

And now we are seeing the start of a new wave (or tsunami) of deaths caused by the mass injection of ten million citizens with experimental biochemical agents, mis-sold to the populace as vaccines and which never had anything remotely resembling responsible safety checks before they were unleashed on us.

Again, what sort of demented psychopath does that?

Like I said, I am seriously starting to wonder if we are being governed by some sort of Death Cult.

Steve Cook is the author of several works of fiction, non fiction, poetry, humor and verse

Is the Boris regime a government or a Death Cult?