Inside Germany’s Detention Camp for Lockdown Violators [VIDEO]

ER Editor: The following is a short 2-minute video from Bild, a German MSM outlet, that was re-issued by France Soir, and then subtitled in English by On Top for the Bitchute channel HabeasCorpusCanada, which we recommend. Thanks to the editor of this channel for passing this video along to us.

It presents a quarantine camp that has been repurposed for lockdown violators in the town of Moltsfeldt in the region of Schleswig-Holstein. This is in the far north of the country, about 50 kms from the Danish border. From cursory research, it seems that they are using a pre-existing youth detention center for this purpose.

The fairly bland presentation by Bild journalists is disturbing, as is the admission by district administrator Jans Peter Schroder (pictured) that this detention indeed represents a violation of fundamental freedom of movement which is the furthest they admit they can go in terms of penalty. Detention here is purportedly made after ‘repeated’ violations of lockdown, however many that entails. Detainees will apparently not even be allowed out of their cells as a genuine prison inmate would be for an hour of exercise each day. The center is due to open its doors sometime this month.

There is absolutely no recognition in this video of the fact that detention may be completely unwarranted, so utterly out of proportion in both medical and legal terms with the alleged threat to public health, and therefore illegal.

And there is no recognition whatever that this is taking place in the country historically infamous for its concentration camps.


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Inside Germany’s Detention Camp for Lockdown Violators [VIDEO]