Ian Crane

As you have been so supportive of Ian, I think you would like to know that I have just been speaking with Brian.

Ian has been in a coma for several days now and is very near the end.

He is at home, receiving medication for severe pain; carers coming in to help.

He has said that he is ready to “go home”.

Let us pray that the transition of his soul is peaceful.

He has done so much for us; we can thank him and wish him well on his journey to his next adventure, as he puts it.

Anne Marie


3 Responses to “Ian Crane”

  1. ian says:

    I’ve been feeling sorry for myself as my computer has been playing up, and dealing with telephone calls to try to get it fixed have had me swearing. This news however puts it into perspective. Poor Ian, bless him. A really decent man. Much respect.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Ian Crane has been one of the earliest activists in the British alternative news movement, a great friend of Tap News, and always available for a chat on any topic. We all owe him an enormous debt, and I will miss him greatly. The father of Britain’s alternative news movement would not be an overstatement from my point of view. No doubt he’ll stir up yet more activity on his next scheduled mission…an unforgettable and lovely person.

  3. Gordon Logan says:

    Very sad news. Ian has indeed been one of the first activists of the alternative news movement. I remember devouring his revelations about the oil industry years ago. As we transition into the asphyxiating new world of mainstream lies, people like Ian are desperately needed.