Hospital in Washington state detaining people until they submit to a covid test

This is a 12 minute video of the family and others going nuts trying to get a 74 year old woman released.

She went in for a urinary tract infection and the hospital detained her and put her on oxygen (as if she had covid) and they are probably going to kill her. There’s no question they want her added to the Covid stats. That reminds me –


We brought my father in law to a neurologist last year during the Covid scam because (this time) he tripped on a curb and broke a tooth. This is not the same incident that happened a few years ago, (not related to it at all). The neurologist looked at his brain scan and told him his brain looked GREAT. And then he went off topic and said Covid was a scam being pushed by the Jews. And I was like, OH BOY, HERE WE GO. I never even told him that, he figured it out himself . . . .

So she (the neurologist) then said, “Maybe your brain is NOT in good condition, I think you need further testing. And I said HELL NO, IT IS A SCAM and the only error he made was saying that here and saying who’s doing the scam. And it was at the end of the appointment so we left and she was circling us saying it is NOT a scam and I did not budge. She was flipping out. And when we got to the exact same doors we entered they were locked. And then the other doors were locked. And the staff was like “That’s weird, they are not supposed to be locked, and they let us out a staff entrance. Obviously that doctor sounded the alarm and wanted us detained, and it was supposed to be a secret so much of the staff did not know. When we were just getting back to the car the cops arrived at the door we were first trying to leave through, we got in the car, and someone immediately pulled up behind us to prevent us from backing out (an expensive car, not a junker.) Parking help and “Tamale guy” flipped out and started screaming “You can’t block them in” (I was thrilled by how they flipped out, it was PERFECT) and he VERY reluctantly backed up and we got TF out of dodge.

I have no doubt that if we had not escaped that hospital we would have been added to the Covid stats.

I reported on this a while ago. And this is exactly the kind of thing I believe is happening in American hospitals now, either you go along with the covid scam or you’ll be detained. The old lady probably told them Corona was B.S. and she was not as lucky as we were. So they want to force a test, declare her positive, and kill her. I bet a $50 that is EXACTLY what this is about.

HERE IS THE VIDEO THAT PROVES THEY ARE SCAMMING COVID: Nurse in Broward County says they are already converting her unit over for a planned “covid crisis” and that even the supervisor giving the orders knows it is a con job but they are doing it anyway


Say Covid is fake in THIS hospital, and you’ll likely be detained awaiting a statistic.