6 Responses to “Giving the Covid Jab without Informed Consent.”

  1. ian says:

    I got home Friday evening to find a message on my phone, inviting me to get my Covid Jab. On ringing this morning to decline the offer, I was informed that I’d be added to the declined list. I pointed out that I didn’t want added to any list, declined or otherwise, but the young lady explained patronisingly, that it was ok, and it was only for their management purposes. On being contacted by phone to the surgery, there’s a recording which explains times of surgeries etc, which also states that calls are recorded for training purposes, as always, so I left it at that. Basically I just want left alone to do my own thing. It however seems too much to ask now.

  2. Derek says:

    I had a text from my surgery Saturday inviting me to take a covid vaccine. I replied by text DECLINE. I’ll be on the list for a visit maybe and I’ll point out the number of deaths in care homes and ask them what the contents of the ‘vaccine’ is EXACTLY. They won’t know and probably won’t care.

  3. Tapestry says:

    Derek, you might as well inform them they are in breach of the ruling of the Nuremberg Court of 1948 by handing out experimental medication without notifying people of the experimental nature of the medication and the potential risks. As Coleman says, they are potentially war criminals committing an act for which the penalty is death.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Exactly Tap and I hope they continue to ‘save lives’ by forcing their toxic concoction dressed up as a ‘vaccine’ (which no-one even needs even if it were what they’re peddling it as), on the ignorant, hoodwinked masses they have enslaved with their fear campaign, for which they’ll be appropriately ‘rewarded’.
      Also because maybe sooner than later, the gullible people will finally wake up when they finally notice how many die, soon after being ‘vaccinated’.
      However, I don’t have any faith in the judiciary to see that it’s done – they too belong to the same unelected, treasonous ilk and will thus also betray us, as they have already demonstrated in several recent instances.
      So it will be up to us – a special faction of the oppressed masses to see that justice finally prevails.
      We clearly need to completely abandon any notions of governments and any organizations falling under their jurisdictions, being their for us in any capacity, let alone to protect us from harm!
      They are and must be regarded by everyone in this Godforsaken world, only as their mortal enemy who are now fully complicit players in the UN’s and other deep state oligarchy’s long planned agenda: to destroy us.

    • Derek says:

      That is exactly correct. This would almost be an act of bluff on behalf of the authorities, just as the police often use bluff when ‘ordering’ people around and into self incriminating situations with the use of their sometimes limited understanding of legalese and the individuals often complete lack of understanding of same.

  4. Tapestry says:

    It’s the enslavement part of the elite plan which seems worse than the destruction. However many do not get killed by the COVID AIDS injection will still need to fight back and rebuild a democratic basis for living. Let’s hope people awaken before being jabbed with AIDS.