5 Responses to “Fact Check: No Link between the Covid Vaccine, and those who die after getting it.”

  1. Tapestry says:

    A friend’s grandmother was not bad, got vaccinated and died five days later. If you know of a single case, there must be others. See the interview on http://www.ukcolumn.org with Brian Gerish with the unidentified care home manager. The vaccinators only have until the end of March before government statistics will start showing a rapid increase in deaths. They will blame New Variants for sure and cancel the loosening of the lockdown. They know that now is the golden moment to persuade trusting and innocent people to get the ‘vaccine’ as come April, the penny might start to drop with the release of the deaths statistics. By then 30 million or more will have had their first shot in the UK. If some forecasts of subsequent mortality are correct, the numbers dying each year will skyrocket. They will delay death statistic roll-out as long as they possibly can.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Our neighbour had the vaccine and has had a stroke.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      That’s awful news Tap and frightening…
      The terrible ‘irony’ of all this and reports such as your neighbour’s fate, is that already you knew personally, at least two people who were fatally injured by this genocide concoction nicknamed ‘covid19 vaccine’, yet I would bet you don’t know anyone who has even been seriously ill from the Covid-19 ‘deadly pandemic’ (which the lying and UN/WEF manipulated government tyrants wants us to believe is sweeping the world, therefore everyone needs to be exterminated inoculated), let alone anyone who died from this alleged illness. Nor would 99.999% of the population.
      Yet they can commit murder with this genocide concoction, with total impunity and no-one even questions it, including those who know (admittedly, probably not a large number at this stage), about the numerous serious (and permanent) side-effects, injuries and death this death-potion vaccine is clearly and undeniably responsible for.

      How / why can practically no-one see the massive elephant in the room?
      What is the matter with these stupid sheople?

      Seriously: Perhaps they see this ‘vaccine’ as an easy way out (yes, exit by suicide), of their permanent enslavement under the UN’s, Bill Gates’s & Schwab’s tyrannical NWO?

      • Tapestry says:

        Our local vicar has for years said he keeps seeing people going into hospital who have nothing much wrong with them, then they die suddenly a week or so later, after taking a turn for the worse.
        It’s not difficult for hospital managers to generate some death statistics to order. Many believe they know of people who died of COVID. We know of a nurse who was classified as a COVID death, while his mother, who lived with him, says that he wasn’t ill as far as she knew, and had just been to work, came home, turned blue, collapsed and died. It sounded more like a potential poisoning.
        The idea of calling a ll deaths COVID was to get the panic going of course. Once the herd was panicked, they could jab them all with messenger RNA which will potentially do a lot more of the same to a truly massive number of people. The true horrific picture should become clear enough when the death statistics are reported at the end of March. It will all be blamed on COVID and lockdown will be retightened I would imagine. If you haven’t had a vaccine I would wait if not a year – at least for two more months. And avoid the second jab would make sense as the longer term effects are not clear at this stage. The jab won’t even stop you getting Coronavirus so wait.

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    “The jab won’t even stop you getting Coronavirus so wait.

    I will wait the rest of my life under their forced servitude and I still won’t take it!
    Apart from it being what I suspect is a genocide concoction sold as a ‘vaccine’, I don’t need it anyway (even it was fully tested, ticked all the safety and efficacy boxes and was actually effective at preventing infection from any disease). I don’t think anyone else needs it either.

    Those who are all queueing up to take their death shot are only doing so, because they have been 100% coerced into believing they need it, and they wrongly believe (again because they were blatantly lied to), that it will allow them to return to normal life and freedom. It WON’T!
    These gullible, hoodwinked fools are all impatiently and proudly waiting in line for their toxic injections, while the so-called ‘Covid-19’ pathogen has yet to be formally isolated and identified.
    So, what exactly is this so-called ‘vaccine’ supposedly targeting? Same question needs to be answered with regard to the useless, meaningless PCR test.

    I repeat: The ONLY time I will EVER
    allow their toxic hypodermic needle bioweapon to come anywhere close to my body will be after it becomes a dead body; and it won’t be dead due to their imaginary ‘covid-19’ virus, nor inoculation with any of their magic death potions they peddle to the gullible and gleefully obedient masked zombies, as ‘vaccines’.
    Will they ever WAKE UP?