Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid

Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US-led Western political and public health officials are conducting the largest scale mass deception campaign in modern memory.

Supported by establishment media press agents, millions of unwitting people in the US, West and elsewhere are being jabbed with toxins that risk serious harm to health including death.

CDC reported numbers of adverse events and deaths are greatly understated.

What’s reported is horrifying enough, a tiny fraction of enormous harm from covid mass-jabbing.

What’s happening in real time that’s likely to continue longterm resembles a science fiction horror film that’s all too real.

According to CDC data through February 12, mass-jabbing for seasonal flu-renamed covid in the US with experimental mRNA gene altering technology caused 15,923 adverse events, including 929 deaths.

The above numbers are the tip of the iceberg.

As explained earlier, they’re from the hugely inaccurate US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) — designed to produce fake data.

An HHS study reported that actual adverse events from vaccines are over 100x greater than official numbers.

So calculating the true toll from mass-jabbing for covid since mid-December requires multiplying CDC numbers by at least 100.

Widespread harm from what’s going on since mid-December is unprecedented — hundreds of thousands of Americans adversely affected.

Instead of sounding the alarm and calling for a halt to a spreading epidemic of injuries and deaths, establishment media support the carnage by suppressing truth and full disclosure.

In its latest edition — in cahoots with the diabolical state-sponsored campaign against human health — the lying machine NYT said the following:

On a visit by Biden to a Pfizer facility for producing mRNA technology that’s not a vaccine and doesn’t protect against covid, he “said the nation could be ‘approaching normalcy’ by the end of the year, but said new virus variants could slow progres (sic),” adding:

“I can tell you we are doing everything possible to (achieve this result) sooner rather than later (sic).”

He and the Times lied. Reality is worlds apart from the above mass deception.

As greater numbers of Americans are jabbed with hazardous toxins that risk serious harm, the greater the devastating toll that may affect millions if what’s going on continues unchecked.

Big Media in cahoots with Big Government and Big Pharma are part of a scandalous mass deception campaign to jab toxins into the bodies of as many millions of Americans and others as possible.

Through February 14, over 52 million Americans jabbed with one or two doses of Pfizer or Moderna toxins had their DNA irreversibly altered that sooner or later may cause any number or combination of serious diseases or death.

On Friday, a CDC statement falsely said the following:

“Monitoring, conducted as part of the US vaccination program, indicates reassuring safety profiles for COVID-19 vaccines (sic).” 

“Local and systemic reactions were common; rare reports of anaphylaxis were received (sic).”

“No unusual or unexpected reporting patterns were detected (sic).”

“What are the implications for public health practice?”

“Health care providers and vaccine recipients can be reassured about the safety of Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines (sic).” 

“Counseling vaccine recipients to expect transient local and systemic reactions might ease concerns and encourage completion of the 2-dose vaccination series.”

Reality is polar opposite the above deception. The CDC is part of the mass-infection campaign.

Like establishment media, it’s providing press agent services for Pharma.

Instead of warning about the hazards of experimental technology, it’s promoting its widespread use with a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about safety and effectiveness that don’t exist — just the opposite.

Don’t be a mass-jabbing statistic. 

Preserving and protecting health depends on refusing to be jabbed with what doesn’t protect and risks serious harm.

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4 Responses to “Epidemic of Harm from Mass-Jabbing for Covid”

  1. Prometheus says:


    Maybe this is the only way forward as our corrupt/satanic/Bill Gates owned politicians are finished.


  2. Tapestry says:

    Bill Gates is Howard Hughes.

    I can’t get onto the site to post currently. This fits as a comment however!

    The Howard Hughes Medical Corporation was another tax dodge, but it also appears to me to be another Rockefeller front. They now admit Hughes started it in 1953 as a non-profit in which he could hide his assets. This is pretty obvious, since Hughes transferred his stock in Hughes Aircraft to the

    Medical Corporation, making this large defense contractor into a tax-exempt charity. When the IRS finally challenged that status in the late 50s, Hughes hired a few medical researchers and the IRS mysteriously backed off. Hughes appointed his personal physician to be chairman of the board, with Hughes as sole trustee. This “philanthropic” Corporation only spent about $700,000 a year on medical research, but laundered about 13 times that in profit each year. A few Congressmen complained, but nothing was ever done about it. After Hughes’ death, the fake Corporation continued to grow by leaps and bounds, which should look strange. GM bought Hughes Aircraft in 1985 for 5.3 billion, an incredible sum considering we aren’t ever told what the company was doing after about 1960. On the Wiki page for Hughes Aircraft, we only get the Galileo probe and a jicky and fake looking lunar lander. We are told its aerospace division became massively profitable, but as with Space-X, we aren’t sure why or how. On the Medical Corp. page, we are told most of the money came from the Ground System Group, which was responsible for Air Defense Systems in the US, NATO, and Pacific Rim. But if we take that back to the Hughes Aircraft page, we find all descriptions in the past. The Ground System Group was located in Fullerton, CA. But I guess it isn’t anymore, so don’t go looking for it. It used to provide defense systems and employed 15,000 people. But strangely we aren’t told when it started or when it ended, or why it ended. Just a lot of mist. On the Medical Corp. page they inflate that even more, up to 75,000, but don’t bother telling us where all these people worked. Did GM keep all these people on staff? We are only told GM merged Hughes with Delco in 1985. But if we check the Delco page, we get even less. All we are told is that they merged with Raytheon in 1997.
    Regardless, we learned what the air defense system in the US is really worth on 9/11/2001: about the price of a few box cutters. According to the mainstream story, the Pentagon couldn’t even defend itself from one of its own unarmed passenger jets.
    And how did Hughes Medical Corp continue to grow after 1985, when the “hugely profitable” Aircraft Corporation was bought out from under it? Back when Hughes ran it, the Medical Corp was just a front, so how does the front continue to grow once separated from the wealthy owner and the real company? The Medical Institute is now the second largest of its kind, with an endowment of almost 23 billion and annual revenue of 2.4 billion. So who is it fronting now? How can its annual expenses only be 39% its revenue? How do these philanthropic organizations always manage to make so much more than they spend?
    Well, we can figure it out by comparing it to the very similar Gates Foundation, the only one in the US that is larger than the Hughes Medical Corporation. In fact, Gates got the idea for his foundation from Hughes. He saw it was a great way to basically launder money, since you can so easily hide profiteering, tax dodging, and treasury dipping behind fake philanthropy. The US government has showered the Gates foundation with money during the fake Covid crisis, allegedly for the purpose of creating a vaccine, but really for the purpose of allowing Gates to steal straight from the treasury. In the last “stimulus package”, Congress gave $4 billion to the Gates Foundation, a good return on Gates’ previous “philanthropy”. In fact, Gates has bragged in interviews that he gets a 20X return on all his philanthropy. CNBC spun that to mean there is a 20X economic benefit to the world, but Gates clearly meant a 20X return on his investment, with the benefit going to himself. How do you think Gates continues to get so much richer while supposedly giving billions away? As my grandfather used to say, you don’t spend yourself rich, and you also don’t get richer while giving more to charity than you are making. The way Gates and the mainstream tell the story, you would think he would be making a lot more if he weren’t giving away so much, but it is through this fake charity that he makes his money. That is how they do it, including the Carnegies, Rockefellers, Fords, and all the rest. The “charities” are the actual generators of a lot of the profit, by working as tax havens and money laundering schemes. You can see that just by studying the revenue to expense ratios, though most of these places

    don’t even publish those anymore. It is too revealing.
    Well, the Hughes Medical Corporation does the same thing, as do all these big foundations, including the Wellcome Trust and Novo Nordisk Foundation. The Novo Nordisk Foundation is just the philanthropic front for Novo Nordisk A/S, the gigantic Danish pharmaceutical company. If you think any big pharmaceutical company is in it for humanitarian reasons, you need a shot of something. Novo is the world’s largest supplier of insulin, and it may have used the events of the last year to lobby the Biden administration to quash insulin discounts. It has been in the news recently: insulin prices have skyrocketed for many in the past month, leaving many diabetics unable to afford insulin. Many will soon be dying, and maybe already are. This is the true reach of Novo’s philanthropy. I have no proof Novo is involved in this, but do you really think the world’s largest supplier of insulin isn’t involved in price gouging of insulin? Again, you may need to check your dosages. As usual, I will assume they are until it is proved they aren’t.
    Regardless of the specific facts there, which aren’t all on the table, we know the big companies and the people who own them are not philanthropic. If they were, income disparity would not be increasing at such a criminal rate. It is admitted by everyone that the rich have made more profit in the past decade, and especially the last year, than ever before. They are piling up billions at an astonishing rate, while most of us are going broke. That isn’t philanthropy. It is a system that rewards cronyism and outright theft. We are now living in a gilded age that makes the last one in the time of Mark Twain look like spilled milk.
    The top 15 charitable foundations have a total endowment of over 300 billion, and are growing by the month. Like the Hughes Trust, they all have far more revenue than expenses. I will be told this is due to great investments, and although that is true, it isn’t true in the way they want you to think. They want you to think it is just because they get a good return on their money due to a strong stock market or due to the fact they are run by financial wizards, but that isn’t how it works. They are profitable because—like Hughes and his medical corporation—they are set up to be profitable. They are obvious tax havens and money laundering schemes, and just as it is amazing the governments of the world let Hughes get away with it back in the 1950s, it is even more amazing that they have continued to look the other way up to the present moment, as the sums continue to grow.
    But let’s return to Hughes’ bio. Like the others we have deconstructed, Hughes’ life was one big lie. We see that again in the list of his alleged sexual conquests, which is another joke. It includes Billie Dove, Ava Gardner, Jean Harlow, Katharine Hepburn, Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, Joan Fontaine, Rita Hayworth, and Hedy Lamarr: a list of Jewish beards. All these women were lesbians, and they now admit that of some of them. Liz Smith finally admitted Hepburn was a lesbian and that her relationships were Hollywood set-ups, including the relationship with also-gay Spencer Tracey. [Also remember that Hepburn’s middle name was Houghton, linking us to Erica the Disconnectrix Howton.] Joan Fontaine allegedly had an affair with Adlai Stevenson, which is also a joke. J. Edgar Hoover admitted Stevenson was a flamer and purposely outed him: he should know, since Hoover was married to Clyde Tolson. Marlon Brando, supposedly bisexual**, has many of the same women on his list of female conquests, including Rita Hayworth, Ava Gardner, and Hedy Lamarr, so we can now read these lists for what they are: an outing of these women. Brando’s list also includes Grace Kelly, Shelley Winters, Gloria Vanderbilt, Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich, and Marilyn Monroe. No surprises there, except for possibly Monroe. Billie Dove famously called Hughes an impotent bastard and a faggot, and Jean Harlow called him a deaf faggot. As it turns out, many of his later problems, including the deafness, may have been caused by syphilis and other diseases picked up while cruising in his early years.

    For the truth about Hughes, see here, where it is admitted Hughes’ female list was like that of JFK: a total fraud. The author is anonymous, but he does give references to two recent biographies by Charles Higham and Darwin Porter. Even here, the author tries to sell Hughes as bisexual, but his list of female conquests refutes that, since—as we have already seen—it is padded out with almost no one but famous lesbians. Bisexual men don’t sleep with lesbians, it pretty much goes without saying. Gays and lesbians have very little crossing of paths, sexually. The author confirms this:
    Hughes had a brief affair with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., who went on to marry Joan Crawford. After their divorce, Miss Crawford forever rebuffed Howard’s requests for a date. Said Joan, “I adore homosexuals, but not in my bed after midnight.”
    Interestingly, this author also insinuates Hughes may have killed his father in a fit of rage after the father called the son a queer at a party. He also insinuates Hughes may have killed director William Desmond Taylor, shooting him in the back†. Who knows? Who cares? I just wish these creepy families would all kill one another, down to the last person.
    Just so you know, that author, via the same sources, also connects Hughes to Gary Cooper, William Boyd, Ramon Novarro, Tyrone Power, Antonio Moreno, Dudley Sharp, Robert Taylor, Clark Gable, George O’Brien, Johnny Mack Brown, Cary Grant, and Randolph Scott. Take it for what you will. He later fixated on Rock Hudson, watching the film Ice Station Zebra on a constant loop for weeks or months.
    Hughes’ health had been failing him since the 1930s, but by 1950 he was already showing signs of madness. By his late 40s he was in a steep descent into hell. He was addicted to codeine, and was in such constant pain it hurt to walk, or to even have his hair cut. It is hypothesized he had allodynia, possibly a side effect of syphilis or other disease. He lived in hotel rooms for the last decade of his life, never opening the drapes. So he probably had an acute vitamin D deficiency, possibly explaining his mania. He died of kidney failure, probably due to the heavy regimen of pain killers.
    So when I tell you the rich will be punished, this is what I mean. No matter what you or I do, Nature gets them one way or the other. They are the most miserable and always have been, though they do their best to convince you otherwise. These families have been self-destructing like this all along, and we have seen examples of it in every century. And it isn’t just a few here and there, like Hughes. This is the common arc of the very wealthy and privileged, whether in Hollywood, the arts, the peerage, government, or big business. They never ripen into a glorious old age, they always crater into some self-created hell of ugliness and madness. We already see it happening to Bill Gates, who is devolving physically and spiritually into some sort of monster before our very eyes. Only eight years older than me, he looks 25 years older.


  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    Only one comment I have for this excellent article is what I’ve been saying all along since the whole fake ‘vaccine’ scandal began: No-one needs it, especially when by their own admission, it is ineffective against the unidentified alleged ‘pandemic’ anyway; so why are they insisting everyone be vaccinated with it and even mandating such whole population vaccination?
    Just that question alone, is a HUGE red flag which should sternly warn anyone who possesses a couple of brain cells to NEVER even consider taking it under any circumstances.
    And, they even admit that being inoculated with their toxic preparation will NOT guarantee a return to ‘normality’ and freedom.

    I posted a quick comment somewhere yesterday, which stated the only time they’ll ever inoculate my body with their genocide concoction will be the time after it becomes a dead body.