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End Politically Correct Policing, say English Democrats



We have an update – We have been able to replace our billboard due to everyone’s help!  Thank you!
The English Democrats are aiming to stand in Police Commissioner elections across England and I am personally intending to stand in Essex.  As part of the preparation for that campaign I have started having posters put up which the campaigning headline is:- “End Politically Correct Policing!”
The thing that has to be understood about politics is that it is in the zone of conflict; therefore the sort of nice and polite behaviour that many people aspire to in ordinary life does not work at all.  On the contrary in order to know that you have hit the spot you have got to get Love and Hate!  That is of course love from supporters and hate from opponents.
I was therefore relieved to see that our multi-culturalist opponents hate this poster enough for a group of them to get a brush and a tall ladder (as the poster is 10ft up from the ground) and paint over the words “politically correct policing”.
The word of course that they used was “Racist”.  The odd thing about “Racist” and “Racism” is that most people haven’t worked out how that works yet.  That is of course not surprising because our internationalist, multi-culturalist opponents use it as a way of closing down discussions and smearing opponents, rather than as part of a discussion about Race.  In fact the multi-culturalist Left will go so far as to say that “Racism isn’t about Race, it is about Power”.
You might ask why a call to end politically correct policing would enrage multi-culturalists?
The question is a good one.  The answer is that multi-culturalism is the policy of Leftists to break up our traditional Nations and our traditional sense of community and to call into question all our traditional values.
This programme is, of course, not popular with many ordinary English people who value our Nation, our Culture, our Values and our Traditional communities.  It is for that reason that multi-culturalists want to use the power of the State to enforce their agenda.  In particular they want to use the police to do so.
Our call to end politically correct policing is therefore a full-on challenge to multi-culturalists and to their internationalist agenda.
Their reaction is classic and in labelling our call to end multi-culturalist policing “Racist” is only their charming way of saying:- “Shut up!”
Multi-culturalism and anti-racism isn’t therefore at all about being nice and loving thy neighbour etc.  In a way I can’t put it better than that mass murdering communist icon of the Left, Mao Tse Tung, who said:-  “Communism is not love, it is the hammer with which we smash our enemies!”  Have a think about that next time you hear some socialist telling you that he wants “respect”!
I can unequivocally assure everyone that neither I, nor the English Democrats will be shutting up at all when it comes to campaigning for England, for the English Nation and for English Values and English Culture!
I hope you will support us in doing so and contribute to our poster fund so that we can make sure that we can put up posters challenging multi-culturalism across England!
Please donate generously and help us and help England!

Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Party Chairman

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