Duterte dodges the vaccine again

The Filipino President as usual is one step ahead of the game and is refusing to pay anything to bring in the vaccine.

Maybe the Filipino people are waking up in bigger numbers as he’s buying them time.

That said only today 600,000 donated doses of a Chinese version of the vaccine arrived in Manila.

Duterte says he would prefer one of better quality.

He’s doing all he can to help his people, but many Filipinos sadly will rush to get one if it’s offered free of charge.

The WHO is targeting 70 million Filipinos to have 2 doses in 2021. The President is dragging his heels –

Yahoo News – Duterte, who turns 77 next month, told a news briefing that, though he wants to be vaccinated, his doctor wants a different Chinese brand of vaccine for him.

His comment emphasises the lack of support the Phillipines’ faces as it launches its inoculation drive. One opinion poll showed that less than a third of Filipinos are willing to be vaccinated because of perceptions over potential side-effects.

Dengvaxia killed thousands of Filipino children in recent years smashing popular trust in vaccines. Intended to prevent Dengue Fever, it was a catastophe. Most Filipinos think COVID is a money making scam and there have been very few deaths attributed to COVID there, as the illness hasn’t had 100% government support as it has in the UK, Ireland and USA.  The main media channel ABS-CBN was closed by Duterte when he took away their licence for biassed news reporting at election time.  The other main channel GMA gives little coverage to COVID, which means the panic has passed in the Philippines, compared to countries like the UK where peoples’ brains are soaked by BBC COVID propaganda on a minute by minute basis, day in day out.

The country’s vaccination campaign is (supposedly) targeting healthcare workers, police and military personnel initially. It has also negotiated supply deals with other manufacturers, aiming to inoculate 70 million people, or two thirds of the population.  (But Duterte refuses to fund the purchases)

The Philippines is the last Southeast Asian country to receive initial vaccine supplies, fuelling concerns over recovery prospects for a consumption-driven economy that suffered its worst slump on record last year, hit by lengthy coronavirus lockdowns. Yahoo News.

Duterte has opted for lockdown over genocide by vaccine. He will not stand for election again in May 2022, and the Yellows will probably get back in. Genocide will be full on. The Philippines has a year at the most to wake up, or see the population decimated by the RNA death vaccine.  By April the death and adverse reaction statistics for February from across the globe will be indicating that some thing is very wrong.  The news media will be covering it as a new variant outbreaks, you can bet your life.

Don’t bet your life.  Like Duterte  is doing, do what you can to avoid the vaccine.  COVID killed a tiny number in the Philippines so why bother with it all?   Duterte says – not for children now, when he once stated that children would get priority.

How many others can he save?  Let’s hope more Filipinos read the alternative media where the true picture is emerging, and deaths from the vaccine are being reported.  They should be worshipping their President for his actions.