1. ian says:

    What a bizarre situation we live in. Today, I met a couple, well actually happened on them getting their dustbins in. It’s pretty cold here just now, and I was dressed for it they were not. The husband asked if I caught anything,, I catch moles, I said no, that I was only walking the ground, though I had my gear with me. He said that he was bored shitless, I said, me too, and his wife appeared, looking frozen. Out of the blue, she said she was getting the vaccine, and asked if I was. I replied, not without at least 6 people to hold me down. She laughed, and said, you’re like him, pointing to her husband. We talked as a threesome for minutes till she started retreating due to approaching hypothermia. I shouted at least if you go into convulsions after the vaccine, Tom, her husband can throw the washing in the bath with you and get it done for nothing. She laughed and I left. I tried to square it with myself all day after. I feel guilty AF Yet no-one will listen, so I joke. What a fkn mess of a situation we live in

  2. ian says:

    Anyone else sick as fk of Joanna Lumley,74.?

    • stevie k says:

      I down loaded the Brave browser on the advice of Mr O’Bernicia and if l use that to look at the Tap Blog l don’t get any of the annoying Ads, Well worth the effort. And no I don’t think he’s another Q con, I have met him a few times and he’s very genuine & very tenacious. Watch this space!!!

      • Aldous says:

        “I down loaded the Brave browser on the advice of Mr O’Bernicia”
        Me too stevie.
        Firefox browser has become an absolute nightmare. Their Thunderbird email app is a bit of a nightmare too.
        Whenever either are on, the processor cooling fans are at full bloody stretch.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi Ian. I’ve always been sick of her after watching her virtual cameo in James Bond’s OHMSS in the late 60s and believe she is ‘persona non grata’ in Aldershot UK after her campaign to allow Gurkhas to settle there after the end of their British Army service instead of returning to their native Nepal as per their contract.
      Her mouth full of of marbles voice grates me in the extreme.
      Question: Why is she mentioned in this comment thread? I’ve speed-watched the video. Have I missed something?

  3. Tapestry says:

    I heard of another friend’s suicide. I last heard of a suicide of someone close to us forty years ago. It’s now four in less than a year. No doubt all described as COVID if they had a test. Vaccine deaths too are being called COVID deaths in hospital staff we know of. Sadly a father of two young children passed away today, reported as COVID. We know of many nurses, carers having the vaccine. It promises to be a tragic year if some of the more pessimistic forecasts come true. The vaccine inflicts an auto-immune disease on people who are vaccinated which can be triggered at any time. It is indeed COVAIDS now, and not the 99% faked COVID, which was an outcome of the flu vaccine. Lumley never did it for me, even at 24, let alone at 74. Trapped in the system, she’s not really Tap material. Bring us some glamorous rebels please.

    • ian says:

      Mental health issues are running unchecked Tap. If the bastards really did care, it would be top of the list.

    • Aldous says:

      “Lumley never did it for me, even at 24, let alone at 74.”
      Me neither Tap. I hated the irritating sound of her voice and didn’t rate her as Purdey in the mid 70s New Avengers as John Steed’s latest sidekick to replace the late Dianna Rigg or someone. It may have been Tara King.
      Don’t know for sure and don’t really care but Christopher Plummer passed away today aged 91.
      Death is God’s/Life’s/Nature’s greatest creation to make way for the New and clear out the Old.
      What a pity that the satanic NWO don’t see it quite the same way but want to kill people for the hell of it.

      • ian says:

        Hi Aldous, I get constant Banner type adverts on Tap, with Lumley at 74 this is her real life Partner. Sometimes 3 or 4 in a row. I remember in my early days online, I had AOL, and it announced the arrival of any new emails using Lumley’s plummy voice, “You have email”, I swapped it for Jennifer Lopez as soon as I knew how, and her, “Ya gat mail”, sounded infinitely better. I might try Brave browser.

      • Derek says:

        I’ve always like Lumley, especially her travelogues.
        I see no banner ads with Firefox as a browser, and use DuckDuckGo as a search engine. No issues. But Thunderbird mail seems to get worse everytime there’s an update, it’s got too many bells and whistles now. On the verge of trying Tutanota.com

        Looked at Brave, but couldn’t see any advantage over FF.