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Child Trafficking! This Is Where The Elite Pedophiles Take The Children For More Than Just Sex! – Must Video

This is the most despicable crime perpetrated on Humanity and it has been going on for centuries.
Terrorizing these kidnapped children results in Adrenochrome being formed in the child’s bloodstream. The children are then eaten by these evil pedophiles with the result being a reversal of the aging process and the build up of lost muscle and strength.

As I mentioned in previous videos, everything you have been taught since you were born is an absolute LIE ….Everything!

Many will not believe this fact but it is the very honest Truth that everyone will soon awake to in Shock and horror, that is, as soon as they also awaken to the fact that they have also been lied to about the Fake Pandemic, which was actually a Bio Weapon sent around the world by the Chinese Communist party (CCP) in an effort to bring down the United States and the entire world economy. It almost worked, but the Alliance is cleaning up the entire mess that has been planned for decades.
John F. Kennedy was one of the casualties of the Elite Deep State evil plan.