“Biosludged”, The Film: What Else Is In Your Food?

“Biosludged”, The Film: What Else Is In Your Food?

By TLB Staff Author: Lucille Femine

We all know that Monsanto has had a monopoly on poisoning our food to the point that, I for one, became uncertain if all “organic” food was truly so. That brought me to this film. Life works that way. Wherever your attention is will lead to more of that.

Mike Adams is the Health Ranger, founder of naturalnews.com He has a huge laboratory in Texas he spent millions to create and where he tests many foods to create his own products. He finds many disturbingly contaminated, many from alleged organic food.

The film details fertilization plants, where the material comes from and what farmers don’t know about the origins of the fertilizers they buy. By the way, Mike Adams gives full permission and encouragement to spread this film around. His mission is to help rid the world of and enlighten us about much of our food and its production.

Drugs, particularly psychiatric drugs, that kill and maimed millions, are bad enough and I don’t mean to drive another nail in the giant coffins the cabal are trying to dump us into (known as high risers) but we really need to know this data. It goes hand in hand with the harmful drugs as you will see when you watch this shocker.

That’s all I’m going to say because I want you to watch it. But I will say that after I move to Florida next week (love you DeSantis!) I want to attend some town meetings and present this video. I encourage you to do the same. If you follow what he says, which is not difficult, you might experience a great deal of positive change in your physical and mental health and help out your neighbors.

It’s time we return to some old time values like talking to your neighbors, helping them, my God, even knowing their names! We need to gather together to defeat the suppression we are experiencing. We are the answer. Getting Trump back in office is a distant dream now and he is just one part of the solution anyway. I believe, though, he is working behind the scenes to achieve the same goals he had in office and many years before that. But he needs us.

We are the power, this is our country, not the communists and their in-house friends here. We start with ourselves, our friends and expand from there. We start with simple solutions to immediate problems, although all problems should have a simplicity in solving.

The world appears to be a huge mass of fear, confusion and uncertainty. That’s very well planned. Who except them said we have to agree? Here, in this podcast, is one answer to a problem, even though it’s widespread. We have the numbers to defeat it.

My last thought doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the subject at hand but it is fundamental to the success of overcoming anything thrown at us:

The silence of the mind will speak the truth.

In other words, chill out and get the real dope. Share that, too, with your neighbors.


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One Response to ““Biosludged”, The Film: What Else Is In Your Food?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    When government becomes the enemy this is what it does.

    Documents obtained using freedom of information rules show that the Environment Agency (EA) has approved shipments that would see the arrival of 27,500 tonnes of sewage waste “for agricultural benefit” from the Netherlands, a country which has effectively banned the use of sludge from human sewage over concerns about toxicity.

    Last year the Netherlands’ leading incineration plant closed four of its six incinerators leaving a significant surplus of sludge, which has been sent to the UK in 15 shipments that due to begin last November and conclude this winter.

    The sludge arrived even as the EA was grappling with numerous safety and environmental concerns raised by its own unpublished report into UK-based landspreading.