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BBC PANORAMA Review / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Are they trying to hide the horror? Seriously. See Nick Kollerstrom’s latest email below video:

Hugo Talks – YouTube Feb 15, 2021

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Nick Kollerstrom Email — Feb 16, 2021

The day after the shameful Panorama cover-up, ONS released data for first week of February – total deaths England & Wales is still 50% above seasonal average!

Who is responsible for this mass-murder program?

Where is The Bernician when we need him now – C’mon let’s get this legal challenge on the road!

Total deaths

Week ending         Expect (prev. 5 yrs)

Feb 5      17179     /    11612   =>  48% excess

29 Jan     18448    /    11856   =>   56% excess

22 Jan   18676     /     12990     =>  44%  excess

15 Jan   18042    /    14058     =>  28% excess

8   Jan    17751   /    12254    =>   45% excess

Vaccinations started in December

Things are not getting better.


Note: I don’t want to sound paranoid but …..it used to be easy to find the ONS data, you just put in eg ‘ONS weekly deaths 2021’ but of late that doesn’t find it any more does it? They release each week an Excel spreadsheet, that has to be located and downloaded.

I find now one has to put in  https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/birthsdeathsandmarriages/deaths/datasets/weeklyprovisionalfiguresondeathsregisteredinenglandandwales

Then click on the top Excel spreadsheet, etc.

Are they trying to hide something? Is someone beginning to sense the horror?

BBC PANORAMA Review / Hugo Talks #lockdown