Another Poem. Adam and the Dragon. I’m sick of Covid.

Adam and the Dragon

The smoke from the breath of the dragon of death

Hung like a shroud round the boat they were sailing

Grown men, some brave men just sat there hands shaking

Children were crying, women were wailing

Take me said Adam but please leave the rest

They are people from round here fathers and mothers

Don’t destroy families, do the right thing

Take me if you want, but please leave the others.

The dragon just hung there suspended in space

A thunder built up in it’s breast

It seemed to consider the words of young Adam

Take me but please leave the rest

He was drawn to the dragon as if in a dream

He awoke, and  he somehow felt free

A man just like Adam was right  by his side

Come Adam there are things you must see

He was shocked by the roar as the dragon took wing

Ever so steeply did it then soar

Five G’s said the man, but he couldn’t understand

He just knew he was held on the floor

On and on up till the planet was gone

They were carried on out into space

Adam was stunned at the things that he saw

The man laughed at the look on his face

Over there said the man, that is the sun

It’s third planet is where we are bound

We’re calling it earth, it’s a wonderful place

We’ll soon have your feet on the ground

I’ve found you a wife who you’ll soon find you love

You’ll start off a new human race

I bless you and your wife, and you will have children

They’ll populate this beautiful place

What’s your name called out Adam, as this man was just leaving

So if we meet I can give you a nod

Godfrey he shouted with a wink and a wave

But most folks just call me God.


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3 Responses to “Another Poem. Adam and the Dragon. I’m sick of Covid.”

  1. ian says:

    Sorry Tap.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Cheery in the face of destructive forces – very apt.