American Revolution – BEFORE PIZZAGATE

Long, long BEFORE the Pizza-Gate scandal, sick politicians in Washington D.C. had wooden cabinets filled with embalmed babies… 

1776 was a year when a whole new wing of the ILLUMINATI developed.

They had a plan. It was to breed and cross-breed – like a horse breeder – a new SLAVE SOCIETY. At the cutting edge of this GOYIM SLAVE SOCIETY was Benjamin Franklin, who was heavily influenced by the macabre genetic and anatomical research of Peter the Great’s doctor…

Perhaps one of the most prolific killers of all time.

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This is the untold history of the USA…

Benjamin Franklin – who was born in 1705 most probably inspired Frederik Ruysch to create a whole new art form – a genetic art form – using real human babies, and the heads of Mexican and African slaves which were displayed in ‘Cabinets of Curiosities’ for the members of the French and German masonic witch covens who would later create – and control on behalf of the British Crown – a new fake country called the ‘UNITED STATES OF AMERICA’.

It is a scientifically proven fact that Benjamin Franklin drilled and sawed trapdoors into human skulls at his house in Craven Street London. It was Franklin who inspired Dutch anatomist Frederik Ruysch.

Ruysch created sick and evil pieces of ‘art’ called ‘dioramas’ made from human body parts he harvested from babies, slaves and working class people.

AMERICAN REVOLUTION takes you deep inside the CAPITOL CITADEL which was set-up by Masonic Witches and members of the Bavarian Illuminati. This film covers the TRUMP YEARS and delves deeper into PIZZAGATE than ever before.

Ruysch was especially fascinated in TERATOMAS which are cancerous tumours which grow hair, eyes, teeth and even lungs inside a human body.

Ruysch is known for having a private museum of dead babies – like the babies and children found beneath the floorboards of Benjamin Franklin’s house in London – before being murdered and then pickled in Formaldehyde and put on display just like Damian Hurst’s macabre ‘art’.

Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Ruysch and the Royal illuminati families, such as the Dukes and Kings of Saxony who make up the majority of ancestors of today’s royal family, were all fascinated with the idea of adjusting and breeding a new race of child slaves. Ruysch cut trapdoors in the skulls of babies, exposed their brains, floated them in embalming fluid and posed them wiping away tears using nerve arteries from lungs and from their own mother’s placentas.

Around 200 babies and children were murdered and then used to create a sick CABINET OF CURIOSITIES at Ruysch’s house in the Netherlands. He created and sold many of these cabinets filled with babies to European kings and dukes who were all friends with Benjamin Franklin.

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