A Hospital Visit

We received the following e-mail yesterday from a reader of Lockdown Sceptics. It says a lot about what has gone wrong over the past year.

How delightful that the Prince of Wales was able to visit his father in hospital today, despite the Covid precautions. I understand from the BBC News that visiting someone in hospital is considered a ‘reasonable excuse’ to leave home.

However, one of our neighbours hasn’t been so lucky. At 2am on Saturday morning her husband (aged two years less than the Prince of Wales, as it happens) was rushed to hospital with heart failure. He’s holding on – just – but needless to say his wife isn’t allowed to visit him. Let’s hope he survives then, because otherwise she and their son may never see him again. Heart failure doesn’t usually delay itself long enough to make sure family members can make it to hospital in the end. Still, at least he’s being kept safe. He’s been vaccinated, so he might not catch Covid.

Mind you, the elderly chap two doors up has solved the problem himself. He has terminal liver cancer and has been in the same hospital for weeks (where of course he tested positive for Covid after catching it following admission, but luckily never had any symptoms). But, completely sick of not being able to see his wife, he’s come home to die, preferring that option to expiring on his own in a hospital ward.

This is Boris’s Lockdown Britain, a year into this nightmare. It is almost beyond belief that it could have come to this. These are the choices real people are having to make on a daily basis as this misery goes on, and on, and on.

And it’s all because of the nebulous pursuit of ‘protecting’ everyone (except Prince Phillip and the Prince of Wales who can do as they please apparently) from one risk at the expense of absolutely everything else, driven by Lockdown Lunatics, and particularly those peculiarly idiotic scientists who have lost any sense of proportion and driven the country to the wall. I wouldn’t wish my neighbours’ experiences on any one of them, but perhaps if one of them is hit by something like this they might momentarily wake up and realise they’re supposed to be human beings. Or at least, they were. Once.



2 Responses to “A Hospital Visit”

  1. ian says:

    It is idiotic to assume that they, the elite, are subject our laws or medical treatments for that matter. There are numerous very effective Cancer treatments for example, that we the people are denied but the elite keep for themselves. It is illegal in the UK for your doctor to suggest any alternatives, not advised, illegal. Look up the cancer act. Big pharma makes about 90K from your death by cancer, and you don’t really matter, remember that. Ever wondered how the Rothschilds Royals etc all live to be 100. The same folks will laugh at you dying as they rape your kids. They hate us, but can’t tell us that, as we are the many and they are the few. I think it might have been Percy Bysshe Shelley to thank for that last line.

  2. richarda says:

    “He’s been vaccinated, so he might not catch Covid.”

    Wrong on so many levels. I doubt his heart problems will be recorded on the advers vaccine reaction site.

    It calls in to question who has the necessary experience in the midst of a test for a novel medical procedure that enables them to make a judgement whether there is a causal linkage to the vaccine.