A government that kills by deceit – the withholding of life-saving cures


by Fabian Ubiquitus

We have a government that governs by deceit and the deceit masks crimes of considerable magnitude.

The crimes committed by this government in inflicting the Covid19 Terror on Britain have been many and egregious.

Among these has been the crime of withholding from us several known cures that are safe, cheap, plentiful and highly effective in reducing the severity and duration of the illness and in lowering its already low mortality rate by about 80  to 90- percent!

One of these cures is Ivermectin, and this link gives you several videos in which Dr Tess Lawrie, Director of the Evidence-based Medicine Consultancy Ltd., tells you why the government needs to stop ignoring her pleas and actually allow doctors to start helping people.

The fact us that Cov19 is a VERY curable illness.

The withholding of remedies that would have stopped the Covid Terror dead in its tracks has cost many lives.

Deaths in the UK stand at well over 106,000 purportedly. If we believe government figures, we have significantly MORE DEATHS than the ENTIRE CONTINENT of Africa and THIRTEEN TIMES as many death per head of population than the subcontinent of India.

Plus we have one the the world’s strictest lockdowns, to go with our third-highest per capita fatality rate on the planet – and the worldwide stats prove conclusively that lockdown is a useless and, indeed, counterproductive folly.

If, as appears to be the case, Ivermectin reduces Covid fatalities by about 80%, then the government’s deliberately ignoring it as a remedy has cost approximately 80,000 or so lives, not counting the lives sacrificed to the lockdown.

Factor in, too, that had the remedies not been suppressed, there would have been no fear and panic that the government could use to dupe millions of people into submitting to the Moderna and Pfizer experimental biochemical agents – falsely and fraudulently misrepresented as “vaccines” and then equally fraudulently presented as “our only hope”.

If the several safe cures had been freely available, who in their right mind would have risked a sloppily researched  experimental agent that the manufacturers could not even guarantee would prevent infection?

Moreover, the pseudo-vaxes have swiftly produced thousands of adverse reactions whilst many medical experts (again ignored by the government) warn that the long term health impact could be horrendous. So only time will tell how many lives have bee sacrificed to the pseudo-vaccines and the jealous gods of pharmaceutical profits.

This government has blood on its hands.

The Word Doctors Alliance has called for Nuremberg style trials for those responsible and their henchmen and collaborators.

And well they might.

What is happening here is an atrocity so vile it beggars belief and it is that sheer incredibility that protects it, that sense of unreality that something so calculatingly vicious could be so much as contemplated, let alone put into action against the British people.

A government that kills by deceit – the withholding of life-saving cures