The amount of inane drivel and gaslighting in technocratic language is as insane as these people are, so excuse me if I don’t waste my life to dissect every bucket of vomit they put online now.

Davos 2021 is a fraud like everything they represent:

After deleting almost all opposition and Joe Biden’s dislikes, now Youtube deletes comments and dislikes on the WEF Channel.
They’re getting destroyed anyway, so they are starting to close the comments. They can’t keep up with the dislikes though.

Most crap is pre-recorded, not live.

The Great Reset as a brand is dead, they admit it in the new presentation video. You’re welcome.
The video is opened by the World Bank president, by the way.
The brand is dead, but the agenda lives on, with a few adjustments.

Just look at these fucking clowns becoming cartoons because they only sell to retards!

Their top priority seems to be taking over cryptocurrencies now, so they’ll get that done soon.

ReGreta is back with the Climate-19 expertise, as Climate is their other top priority market for this year. 30 seconds into her speech and my stomach wanted out.

Also this horror:

I haven’t seen them yet, but since the organization also includes Bill Gates and Bono, is safe to say this is the Coalition of the Most Hated.
So no wonder what happened next:

Today I went through the comments on Greta’s Youtube video for Davos 2021, because someone told me they gave up on moderation and there’s no positive feedback at all. False! There still are recent complains of censorship and I found 11 positive comments. Out of 770. I recorded them all on video, soon to be released. Until then…

The stock market chaos is us too. The Twitter stock crash and this popular market insurrection changed the world forever, this is just the spark.

Aaaamnd here he is, and this is what Climate-19 is all about:


to be continued

PS: The cover photo is from past live meetings

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DAVOS 2021: The Great Reset is the Greatest Reject. The people have spoken



  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    WOW! ?
    And here’s me, over the past nine months on a daily basis, complaining bitterly about there being no signs of any kind of resistance to this evil agenda… I’m really (pleasantly) shocked at this news! To suggest this welcome, negative response has been ‘overwhelming’, would be grossly understating the situation.
    This has really opened my eyes and made my day! ?
    There IS hope after all and what I’ve just seen and the numerous comments I’ve read, has restored my faith in my fellows.
    This piece also serves as a reminder for me that we always need to be painfully aware that the establishment’s corrupted and lying legacy media sources will NEVER report on anything like this, so we simply don’t know what’s really going on out there.
    I also discovered very recently that there has been ENORMOUS push-back in India from farmers, something like 200+ MILLION farmers and rural province residents, descending upon the major cities and protesting (peacefully). With so many there is NOTHING their police or military can do.
    There are orders of magnitude more of us than them, so why is everyone so afraid of them?
    ‘Safety in numbers’, or ‘action speaks louder than words’; especially when people confront the tyrants in person, rather than posting their sentiments online, or signing useless petitions which are generally ignored anyway.
    We need the same sort of response to occur in our Western nations, but for all we know, it quite possibly IS happening! They just won’t tell us about it. That being the case, they won’t be able to keep it under wraps for too much longer. The media are frantic now – in meltdown trying to censor everything and they’re losing the race. This article proves it beyond any doubt now.

  2. ian says:

    Again Alan I agree completely. I checked out the videos on youtube so that I could see the comments, and it was worth it. First video, first comment. ” Notice how their panel of trusted experts are people who nobody trusts”, lol. the video 1.1K likes, 15+K dislikes, and that no doubt has been manipulated.
    Yes heartwarming to read.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Yes we’re two peas in the same pod ian – we agree about every aspect of this despicable agenda. We were never fooled by any of it, probably because we refuse to pay any attention to their manipulated establishment propagandist media, apart from laughing at every patently obvious lie and bizarre faux-fact they incessantly spew, day-in, day-out and terrify the dumbed-down sheople with.
      We’ve always refused point-blank to swallow the UN’s Kool Aid, because simple common sense, not ‘the science’, always prevailed.

      The fact that their propaganda about ‘new cases’, or more often: just a single ‘case’ (iow: NOTHING), is so incessant and hysterically championed in itself is the dead giveaway that it’s all hokum, but it also demonstrates that they’re becoming desperate, as they realize more and more people are starting to wake up. (All they have to report are meaningless ‘cases’, i.e. nothing for anyone to be alarmed about, so they repeatedly and very hysterically, propagate any news of them. Yet the sleepwalking zombies don’t even notice that. They just keep on believing and wallowing in the adrenalin produced by their media induced fear, which I believe they’re addicted to. We’ve now reached the stage where they’re so totally consumed by panic and relentless fear, they now totally depend on it, because most of the things they once enjoyed about life have been taken away – they have nothing else to look forward to and keep them going.
      If the sleazy, treasonous governments ever capitulated and told them the truth, they’d refuse to accept it, and continue staying at home, still wearing their dehumanizing face nappies if they dared to venture outside their homes beyond their letter boxes, just to virtue signal their voluntary enslavement to the tyranny of the ‘new normal’ they appear to embrace.
      God please help us!

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