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Why Is UK’s DEFRA Gassing Chickens? [VIDEO]

ER Editor: DEFRA stands for Department of the Environment for Food and Rural Affairs.

We have tried accessing the Ice Age Farmer‘s website and cannot. His Youtube channel is available here. IAF can also be found on Bitchute, Odyssey and Twitter.

Here are some points raised from the 14-minute video below:

  • The government is culling chickens on poultry farms (example from Kent) on the pretext of bird flu, despite farms not yielding POSITIVE tests for this disease. Private chicken owners in the neighbouring ‘zone’ are then being obliged to have their chickens killed by govt officials turning up in hazmat suits.
  • Could this become a global agenda?
  • The 2001 foot and mouth disease outbreak started this culling trend, based on Professor NEIL FERGUSON’s (!!) advice to DEFRA. He created faulty models back then, which justified the mass killing of cattle, in the millions. Chickens were also killed as part of this campaign. The campaign was stopped because large numbers of animals (over 80% of chickens) were found NOT to be infected. Sound familiar? (ER: Obviously, this puts farmers into bankruptcy and clears the way for corporate takeover of the food supply chain.)
  • After this, a bunch of restrictions were put up around the raising of chickens, such as not being able to feed them kitchen scraps, which is basic to raising them, as well as mealworms. Chickens have to be registered with DEFRA, too. Anonymous ownership is not possible.
  • And just since December, all vehicle movements into farms selling eggs to the public have to be monitored, as well as the eggs themselves. This, even if you only possess four (4) chickens and only sell a dozen eggs per week.
  • Other categories of bird are also being culled on the pretext of bird flu, too. It’s an all-out assault on the biosphere. (ER: Is this type of cull providing cover for attacking food-producing birds?)
  • 95% of factory farm (independent) chicken production has already been wiped out. The UK is ahead of the game in this. ‘Threats’ of bird diseases being passed along to humans are being used copiously. The same strategy is being used in the US. Impossible Foods CEO (backed by Gates) has predicted the death of the meat industry by 2030.

See this report from early November from the BBC. The excuse of transmission to humans is being used, despite the risks being apparently minimal:

Public Health England (PHE) said the risk to the UK population was “very low” but it was “looking for evidence of spread to control and eliminate it”.

Dr Gavin Dabrera, consultant in acute respiratory infections at PHE, said bird flu was an “uncommon infection” in humans.


UK DEFRA gassing chickens?


The Ice Age Farmer channel is reporting anecdotal claims of localised chicken culls in the UK, focused on small or medium producers, allegedly in response to Bird Flu, but perceived by him as a directed move against independent sources of food.

Can anyone in the UK shed further light on this? Please let us know in the comments.



Why Is UK’s DEFRA Gassing Chickens? [VIDEO]