Whoever Russia Supports Wins The Second American Civil War—PERIOD!

Would the Kremlin ever support the hopelessly corrupt Democrat Party that launched the patently false RUSSIAgate investigation?!

Let’s not forget that the Obama Administration restarted
the Cold War based on an unending pack of dangerous lies
and perilous war propaganda, which saw NATO mobilized
along Russia’s border with Europe.

State of the Nation

Remember, it was Russia who saved the USA — TWICE IN THE PAST — during our moments of greatest need in wars against or instigated by our arch-enemy Great Britain (see the 2 articles that follow).

How Russia Helped The 13 Colonies Win The American Revolution

American Civil War: When Russia Blocked British-led Intervention against the Union

Well, here we are again locked in an epochal war against the British Crown, City of London and the Financial District banksters.

However, the real problem today in 2021 is that the barbarians are not at the gate, the barbarians are inside the gate and have been since the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

Given that the United States is essentially run by BAR-registered lawyers, the Republic has really been treacherously run by remote via British overlords since the Revolutionary Period. See: The Missing 13th Amendment: *No Lawyers Allowed In Public Office*

“Russia! Russia! Russia!”

The whole world ought to know why the “Bloody Brits” have unrelentingly stoked the flames of Russophobia throughout the 5o states at every turn of events.  The British blokes were thwarted [MAJORLY] by the Czars in Saint Petersburg and Moscow during pivotal moments that determined the continuity of the American Republic.  And the London banksters are still fighting mad angry about it.

In point of fact, the British monarchy and establishment have always been possessed by an inveterate hatred of all things Russia.  Much of this is due to profound jealousy because of the massive landmass the Ruskies own … especially compared to a little, dingy, foggy island. The other piece of this incessant Great Game has to do with British avarice; they want to steal everything that belongs to the Russian people.

War on Trump

The all-out war on President Trump is really an all-out war on the Patriot Movement.  This is where real Americans resonate deeply with the Russian spirit; both nations are full of passionate Patriots.  This is also where the Kremlin will be moved to intercede in the  intensifying Second Civil War, although President Putin is likely to do so with the utmost discretion and integrity.

Remember, with a Biden-Harris administration, Russia risks very real existential threats … … … if not total annihilation after arch-Neocon Zionist Victoria Nuland once again takes her seat of power at State.  That prospect alone is enough to push the Kremlin into the greatest stealth operation ever “to save the American Republic”.

Let’s be very clear: Putin’s highly coherent team of nationalists knows that they have absolutely no choice but to prevent an exceedingly perilous Biden tyranny from setting up shop in D.C.  And so they will!

But this little trick cannot be accomplished without the assistance of the American people.  Just like the two previous wars, the Patriot Movement must flex their muscles as never before.  In this way, Russia will covertly create and/or stealthily use any opening to help the American Republic through this most challenging period in U.S history.

The Kremlin knows that a united USA governed by a fierce nationalist is far safer than a crazy Democrat globalist leading a bunch of stone-cold bolsheviks toward a total communist takeover.

Is About Ready To Go Prime Time

Hence, Putin and Company will do everything in their power to thwart this rapidly escalating, British-coordinated, color revolution and unending coup d’état.  They saw what happened to Mother Russia and Russian Fatherland in 1917 when the London banksters ran that bolshevik operation alongside the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic.

The Kremlin knows that a stable American Republic is far preferable to a scary totalitarian government running a USSA.  The Russian leadership also knows that a Trump presidency is much more likely to overtures toward the establishment of a new era of cooperation marked by an enduring world peace and economic collaboration.

State of the Nation
January 11, 2021

Whoever Russia Supports Wins This Second American Civil War—PERIOD!