Who will win control of the USA? Your guess is as good as mine.

Pelosi did not show up at the capitol today.***********

On that note, THIS is interesting, (very) and may be the reason why Amazon ditched Parler. I DID have an amazon account **POOF** I’ll try mercadolibre.

I can tolerate lots. But I won’t do Amazon now that it is a proven treasonous outfit.


Trump will be speaking live from Alamo Texas HERE

Project Veritas did a GREAT bust of PBS

He also says that they had plans to throw moltovs in the capitol. PBS SAID THAT. That, and so much more. The best two minutes EVER DONE.


I was skeptical for a while but he just appeared for real, in a setting that could not be faked. He’ll be speaking from Alamo texas today.


There is a bolshevik revolution underway, if you are on their platform they know what you think, and now they want you to upload your drivers license or other state issued id to “make sure it is you” for the sole purpose of “making sure no one unauthorized is accessing your account”. Good ruse I guess, but only a moron would do it, even if you depend on facebook for your livelihood DO NOT DO IT. If you’re not a trump hating @ss pirate you are just going to have to find new roads. A Bolshevik revolution is serious. You can’t let them have that.


Even Matt Agorist at DC Clothesline and the Free Thought Project are pushing this scam (that set me off, I’m pissed) and you need a caution for the ads on that link . . . . ANYWAY, HERE IS THE WHOLE STORY, AFTER YOU READ THAT SLATE OF LIES:

Trump has ZERO (0) control over the capitol police. The capitol police are controlled by NANCY PELOSI, which is why her son in law was there, among the “trump rioters”. CNN and everyone else communist (now to include Matt at DC clothesline) – All the communists are trying to work up an impeachment case against Trump by spewing imaginary tales of how “all the police supported Trump” and therefore they would never have done that without Trump’s direction. Problem: Trump can’t direct them, Nancy does.

The left is losing its collective behind in the capitol invasion scam, so now they have awaken their sleeper cells to help push it and as it turns out, those sleepers are dispersed all through alt media. What a surprise (NOT), that’s how communists do war.

No, Trump DID NOT lead the riots against the capitol. Oh, I know why this topic exploded today, and it is because I posted that video of the police letting the rioters in again. That must have taken off this time. There are actually two, the other one shows the police escorting the rioters through the capitol. This has gone totally viral, the left never wanted this known, and their response is BLAME TRUMP and awaken the sleeper cells in alt media.

If you see ANYONE posting the “Police did it for Trump BULLSHIT anywhere in alt media, that’s your signal – you know damn well they are fake. They are fake not only because they are publishing a patent lie, they are also fake because it takes ZERO to realize Trump could never do this and that only Nancy could, that’s as simple as finding out who controls those police and it is NOT TRUMP. If an alt media venue can’t figure that out, THEY SUCK and won’t be a dependable source for anything. I saw this B.S. posted in credible locations also, how on earth could that ever happen? sleepers, that’s how.


In the original photo he was standing next to Viking guy, who I pasted the reference photo from Wikipedia over. It’s nancy’s son in law!

Meet Michiel Vos. Left photo: 2020. Right photo: 2008 (and taken from Wikipedia.)

The nose says it all. Look between the nostrils. MATCH.



and this –

Jan. 12, 2021 – Sources FRACTURE on outcome: Is Trump winning at unconventional warfare?

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Image: Situation Update, Jan. 12, 2021 – Sources FRACTURE on outcome: Is Trump winning at unconventional warfare?

(Natural News) The CIA clowns who spread deliberate disinformation across the ‘net are doing an outstanding job of pushing noise and confusion. As a result, my sources are have now fractured into split realities, where in one reality Trump has given up and surrendered while in another reality Trump is about to achieve a decisive victory and astonish the world.

In today’s podcast, I discuss both arguments for what’s happening now, and I lay out details on how the US Secret Service tried to set up Alex Jones to be arrested on terrorism charges in D.C.

Most importantly, I discuss whether the troop expansion in DC is actually part of an unconventional warfare strategy being carried out by President Trump and Chris Miller, the Secretary of Defense. If Biden isn’t inaugurated on the 20th, the radical Left will stage an attempted color revolution siege of Washington D.C., but thanks to these maneuvers by Trump and Miller, there are 15,000 troops in place with the support of the Democrats and the media. Perhaps they are being played and don’t yet realize it.

Here are the two Whitehouse.gov documents mentioned in the podcast:

President Donald J. Trump Approves District of Columbia Emergency Declaration

Executive Order on Addressing the Threat from Securities Investments that Finance Communist Chinese Military Companies

Here’s what else I cover in today’s podcast:

  • The FBI is planning to run false flag operations at state capitol buildings in order to further demonize conservatives and set the stage for nationwide gun confiscation.
  • The real story of how US Secret Service tried to set up Alex Jones to be charged with terrorism on Jan 6th. But they failed and Jones averted the trap. (This is based in part on my private phone call with Alex Jones yesterday.)
  • There has been a coup in America, carried out by the globalists, the deep state and the CCP.
  • My sources are now fractured, with some saying Trump has surrendered and others saying Trump will achieve a decisive victory.
  • The bad news sources say everyone around Trump is refusing to follow orders for fear they will be charged with treason.
  • The good news sources say Trump is still maneuvering for a decisive counterinsurgency attack against the coup plotters and deep state traitors.
  • Chris Miller of the DoD signed the order for 15,000 National Guard troops to be mobilized into the DC area.
  • Importantly, when Trump announces the Insurrection Act, all National Guard troops are federalized under Trump.
  • Note: We still believe Trump has already invoked the Insurrection Act, but this has not yet been made public.
  • Sources say Democrats and left-wing media were tricked into supporting a massive build-up of troops in DC because they mistakenly think those troops will protect Biden. In reality, they say, Trump will command them.
  • Most National Guard troops are loyal to Trump and despise Biden.
  • The Jan 6th “siege” theater at the capitol was necessary to acquire Pelosi’s laptop and also trick the Left into supporting a massive troop buildup in DC.
  • The troops are necessary to protect Trump from the “color revolution” attempt of the radical Left, which will activate the moment they see Biden not getting inaugurated.
  • No outcome is certain. There are two paths, and many traitors still inside the Trump administration. Trump’s own plans may be thwarted at the last minute.
  • Discussion of consciousness, God, divinity and the role of suffering for the journey of self-discovery.
  • Why the real war is beyond the 3D realm and exists in the realm of spirituality and consciousness.
  • Is humanity ready to move to a higher state of existence, paired with self-responsibility? Or will we stay stuck in the “infant” stage of fighting and suffering?


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