White-haired lying baboon leaves screen after just three minutes while closing down the whole UK.

Lockdown till half term!!!  Incredible.  They’re desperate to push out the vaccine now, before the people wake up to the main game….which is depopulation.

There can’t be many left who are not aware.  I don’t think many hospital staff will be interested in committing suicide to rescue the programme.

They all know the rate of reactions to the accelerated vaccine is very high and that people who have been vaccinated are collapsing and dying.

No one can sue when they are crippled.  It’s all at our own risk – not the government’s as it should be.

My family enjoyed a game of tennis indoors today working within the Tier 3 (I think!) rules.  That was followed by a happy spell in the playground.

People are very different this time compared to March 2020.  Children find playmates spontaneously, team up and play with complete strangers.

Few parents stop them.  People have adapted and are more tolerant.  It’s very rare to be mask challenged now.  More are drifting away from mask wearing.

Even those who used to be rules sticklers have tired of it all and smile when I suggest we meet up and play.

It really is very tiresome of Boris and his so-called scientists to get into a total panic and react to the fake epidemic and fake tests as they are doing.

Boris is on his own now, only managing three minutes this time as he knows we know he’s lying and wants to get off the stage ASAP.  Hancock’s acting is deteriorating further as he too runs out of sincerity pills.  He needs replacing with someone properly trained in the art of audience deception.

Is this the best they can do?  Politics has declined to the level of television in the 1950s, when relatives of the producers got all the jobs.

The politicians had better get all their illegally earned vaccine-selling commissions lodged offshore while the scam is still live.  It really can’t run much longer.

People have been slow to realise that their government is their most deadly enemy, but in 2021, they’re getting there.

The key is to maintain morale and talk to each other.   Let’s see if the diehard Boris believers can keep up their compliance for another year.

The television set is their primary tool of suppression.  Switch it off and switch off the white haired yellow-bellied lying baboon.

He’ll only be happy when everyone walking round in the streets bears an uncanny resemblance to himself.  All others to be vaccinated.

This came from Gordon Logan –

The fact that we have escaped nuclear annihilation over the last 70 years is indeed a miracle, The ‘deterrence’ theory is complete nonsense. If it were true, the Chicago Doomsday Clock wouldn’t be at a minute to midnight. Not many people know that we escaped nuclear annihilation by a hair in March 2015. Jacob Rothschild and George Soros were behind an attempt to launch a surprise nuclear war on Russia. It is well known that the globalists want a massive reduction in world population.
Here in the UK, famous names like Sir David Attenborough and Lord Porritt want to halve the UK population.
The Royal family also think that there are too many of us.
The UK has the highest density of nuclear targets in the world. We would be totally annihilated. That didn’t prevent the lunatic British government from threatening Russia with a surprise nuclear attack in 2016, just a year after the failed attempt of March 2015.
If you searched all of Britain for idiots, you would find it hard to find idiots as stupid as those that are now in power.