White-haired lying baboon leaves screen after just three minutes while closing down the whole UK.

Lockdown till half term!!!  Incredible.  They’re desperate to push out the vaccine now, before the people wake up to the main game….which is depopulation.

There can’t be many left who are not aware.  I don’t think many hospital staff will be interested in committing suicide to rescue the programme.

They all know the rate of reactions to the accelerated vaccine is very high and that people who have been vaccinated are collapsing and dying.

No one can sue when they are crippled.  It’s all at our own risk – not the government’s as it should be.

My family enjoyed a game of tennis indoors today working within the Tier 3 (I think!) rules.  That was followed by a happy spell in the playground.

People are very different this time compared to March 2020.  Children find playmates spontaneously, team up and play with complete strangers.

Few parents stop them.  People have adapted and are more tolerant.  It’s very rare to be mask challenged now.  More are drifting away from mask wearing.

Even those who used to be rules sticklers have tired of it all and smile when I suggest we meet up and play.

It really is very tiresome of Boris and his so-called scientists to get into a total panic and react to the fake epidemic and fake tests as they are doing.

Boris is on his own now, only managing three minutes this time as he knows we know he’s lying and wants to get off the stage ASAP.  Hancock’s acting is deteriorating further as he too runs out of sincerity pills.  He needs replacing with someone properly trained in the art of audience deception.

Is this the best they can do?  Politics has declined to the level of television in the 1950s, when relatives of the producers got all the jobs.

The politicians had better get all their illegally earned vaccine-selling commissions lodged offshore while the scam is still live.  It really can’t run much longer.

People have been slow to realise that their government is their most deadly enemy, but in 2021, they’re getting there.

The key is to maintain morale and talk to each other.   Let’s see if the diehard Boris believers can keep up their compliance for another year.

The television set is their primary tool of suppression.  Switch it off and switch off the white haired yellow-bellied lying baboon.

He’ll only be happy when everyone walking round in the streets bears an uncanny resemblance to himself.  All others to be vaccinated.

This came from Gordon Logan –

The fact that we have escaped nuclear annihilation over the last 70 years is indeed a miracle, The ‘deterrence’ theory is complete nonsense. If it were true, the Chicago Doomsday Clock wouldn’t be at a minute to midnight. Not many people know that we escaped nuclear annihilation by a hair in March 2015. Jacob Rothschild and George Soros were behind an attempt to launch a surprise nuclear war on Russia. It is well known that the globalists want a massive reduction in world population.
Here in the UK, famous names like Sir David Attenborough and Lord Porritt want to halve the UK population.
The Royal family also think that there are too many of us.
The UK has the highest density of nuclear targets in the world. We would be totally annihilated. That didn’t prevent the lunatic British government from threatening Russia with a surprise nuclear attack in 2016, just a year after the failed attempt of March 2015.
If you searched all of Britain for idiots, you would find it hard to find idiots as stupid as those that are now in power.




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  1. Aldous says:

    I haven’t watched the wretched broadcast because I don’t watch stuff by known serial, criminal liars and virtual mass murdering psycopaths with excruciating marble-mouth speech impediments and crazier than President Trump haircuts who once trashed restaurants as Oxbridge Bullingdon Club Brats, a lot like they are doing now to bars, clubs and restaurants.
    The guy(sic) is obviously insane.

    I wouldn’t have used the pejorative ‘baboon’ because baboons – like all animals – don’t shaft anyone for a Big Pharma percentage.
    GOD will revenge it.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Indeed Aldous. Rodent status would possibly be more appropriate. Baboons don’t trash restaurants, and murder for profit. You’re right. I guess I simply saw a facial resemblance and similarity of IQ. The baboon would have more courage.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      And, the baboon depicted in the photo above is nowhere near fat enough or ugly enough to resemble the lying genocidal British PM.

  3. Aldous says:

    I don’t agree with getting rid of the TV per se, although I haven’t bought an ass wipe newspaper in decades.
    I’ve tried managing without a TV but miss watching DVDs etc. Being very selective about what one is watching live is where it’s at imho.
    The radio can be equally as dangerous.
    The propaganda that spews from the radio is equally destructive to one’s mind.

    I only listen to internet radio where Covid crap is definitely not on the agenda. Romania Magic FM is playing at the moment.
    Covid brainwashing is nowhere to be heard and the music is great. Bliss!

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      “Covid brainwashing is nowhere to be heard and the music is great. Bliss!”
      So it’s not only me who worked out a way to avoid the cringeworthy and stomach churning Agenda 2030 and covid hysteria. My lifestyle and entertainment resources are an exact copy of yours Aldous. Oh yeah, I stopped watching mainstream TV about 5 years ago,
      I only know what lies the MSM have been brainwashing the sheople with by reading sites such as this, and the articles, podcasts videos (i.e. YT clips from MSM TV news), which they publish links to.

  4. Aldous says:

    We were sat at the bar the other night where no one gives a damn about social distancing – as if they would!
    The owners pretty much own the neighborhood and the police anyway so no one bothers anyone about such crap and nonsense.
    Anyway, a friend in his late 70s remarked: “I wonder what it’s like when you die?” A bit of a conversation-stopper I suppose.
    My grandaughter working behind the bar broke the silence when she remarked: “Boris Johnson?”

  5. Aldous says:

    Part 2
    So my ageing friend says: “I can half-understand these kikes being thorougly pissed off and wanting to take revenge on the world.”
    My grandaughter asks him: Why is that then?”
    He looked at her bemused and said: “Wouldn’t you be somewhat pissed-off for life if someone had carried out genital mutilation on your privates at less than a fortnight old against your wishes?”

  6. stevie k says:

    I hope someone can help me I’m a little confused. The supposed justification for the new lockdown is the “new deadly variant” of the COVID 19 virus, but how are they getting the figures for this? (Yes l know the original “virus” has never been isolated or purified and the test doesn’t actually test specifically for the COVID 19 virus). As far as l know the PCR test only gives a “positive” or a negative result, it doesn’t say negative to COVID 19 but try another test for “Son of COVID”. Are people being tested twice, one for each variant? I don’t think they’re doing autopsies on supposed deaths from “Son of COVID” so how exactly are they coming up with the supposed explosion of cases for the new variant to justify imprisoning us all again?

    • ian says:

      I encountered a guy yesterday who I’d never seen since I retired, and while chatting, he mentioned that, “Yes his uncle had died from the dreaded COVID”. I was surprised and asked if he’d had any other illnesses. He said that h
      e’d been admitted to hospital for a kidney stone operation, untreatable by ultrasound apparently. He’d been Covid tested on admission, and had tested positive. He was sent home and told to isolate for the appropriate time 10, 14 days whatever. During this time, he suffered a stroke and died. The acquaintance told me that Covid was given as the cause of death. Strangely, he seemed quite proud.

      • stevie k says:

        Sadly some of the sheeple seem to see it as a badge of honour.

      • Derek says:

        “A badge of honour” – as is the mask to some, and a fashion accessory to boot.

        It’s quite depressing to see so many people trun into Lemmings without a clue on where they are headed.

  7. Tapestry says:

    A lady we know went for a test after losing sense of smell and got a positive. Was sent home for two weeks to isolate and put it proudly all over her facebook page. She was fine within three days, but her workplace had to isolate other people, and her partner was sent home from work. Definitely a badge of honour to say ‘I had it’ or ‘I know someone who died of it’. Flu has been effectively upgraded from a take paracetamol and two days in bed to ‘this could kill you’. It’s simply marketing. As for people dying or getting near to death, stress alone can kill people, and has played a part in cases we know of where the people had nothing much wrong but thought they must be dying as it said so on the TV. The fear is real even if the virus is a second eleven nonentity of no great significance (The blood clotting triggered in people who’d had the flu vaccine was treatable with anti-coagulants which they tried to ban the use of, but doctors stood their ground in most cases). The vaccine on the other hand will kill millions. The thing with illness is to downplay it and ignore it, and boost peoples’ confidence they are not under threat, and they will improve. Not turn it into an economic, social and medical catastrophe. So much for Britain’s corrupted top scientists who are all shareholders in the vaccines they are proposing people are given, as are the politicians. That’s why they are generating maximum fear…profit from the vaccines, profit from all the closed competitor businesses and reduced activity, fertility and longevity in the general population. Only the elites are intended to live beyond a hundred in peace and contentment, not the riff raff. Dr Mengele’s medical system was designed for exactly this purpose. Definitely to be avoided. They would love to build concentration camps but that would give the game away.

  8. Alan Vaughn says:

    I’ve read they’re already building or at least planning to build concentration camps in Canada and recently in NY state, but of course they don’t refer to them as that, but rather they call them ‘quarantine’ or ‘isolation’ centres.
    Needless to say the obedient and collaborating masked zombies now feel very relieved that those dirty, infected biohazards (other perfectly heathy human beings), they must stay at least 6 feet away from at all times, will be sent to the place where they belong…

  9. Derek says:

    Like Aldous, it has been decades since I purchased a newspaper and we have abandoned the TV a long time ago. Radio holds nothing to tune into, unlike in the eighties when ‘Folk on Two’ was broadcast, and there was often a good play on. Now, even Classic FM is poisoned by covid propaganda.

    Read and listen to interviews on the internet – the ‘alternative’ news source is the last vestige of reality and that too is under threat (for obvious reasons).

    The Baboon depicted looks more like Biden somehow, though maybe the Baboon has more functioning grey matter.

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