What we need is widespread non-compliance.

This is also some movement on the Covid fake this week, with courts in several States finding against Governors’ lockdown orders on restaurants and churches. See this one in New York, where an appeals court upheld the ruling against Cuomo. We also continue to see judges ruling against Governor Newsom in California, though he often finds a way to make an end-run around the courts. In many states, courts have ruled against Governors’ orders, but this is followed by cities or local health departments just issuing their own illegal orders. When those orders are struck down in subsequent lawsuits, OSHA steps in and issues their own illegal orders, which go against their own bylaws. But my recommendation is and always has been that filing these suits is upside down. What you should do if you own a business is just ignore the orders as unConstitutional, requiring the state to sue or arrest you.

We have seen that in almost all cases, they don’t. And if they do, they can’t make anything stick, either the arrest or the fines. In the handful of cases we have seen of arrest or fine, the majority look staged to me, manufactured to create fear and coerce you into compliance. What we need is widespread noncompliance. Or as Thoreau called it, Civil Disobedience.


Update January 6: They staged the fake storming of the Capitol today, with a women supposedly shot by a Capitol guard. Of course she turned out to be Air Force, 14-year veteran, so that was fake. You can tell by the blood, which is always the wrong color. Her name is Ashli Babbitt, and it turns out she is Jewish and probably military intelligence. Note the nose and the handsign. She was “a high level security official”. So, let us guess: Lt. Colonel? The Viking leading the charge and then standing at the House podium had previously been caught on camera at a BLM protest, so he wasn’t a Trump supporter, but a paid Antifa actor.

Speaking of fakes, and since I haven’t been able to work it in anywhere else, I will take this opportunity to blow the cover of Kyle Rittenhouse as well. The Rittenhouses are a prominent Jewish family with a long history of wealth and influence. The first head of the US mint was a Rittenhouse. He was a Lievens/Levinson from Holland on his mother’s side and from the Rittenhouse nobles of Westfalia on his father’s side. Also see Laura Rittenhouse, nee Arter (Jewish), prominent in the Red Cross and Women’s Temperance Movement, who died 7/11/11. Also Chicago lumber magnate Moses Rittenhouse and his nephew, same name, who made a mint in orchard sprayers. Kyle Rittenhouse is from Antioch, IL, same place as the grandsons of Moses Rittenhouse. So Kyle Rittenhouse is not just some dopey militia kid. As usual, he is Jewish, and his fake victims are also Jewish: surnames Rosenbaum, Huber and Grosskreutz. Probably cousins of his.

Another shooter in the fake melee was Joshua Ziminski—also Jewish of course. Rittenhouse just happened to be the star of several livestreams leading up to the fake shooting, and we see him talking chummily to police officers— probably asking if there are any script updates. The fake confrontation was almost professionally captured from three different angles. What are the odds? The Daily Caller’s reporter Richie McGinniss was onhand to cover the story and even be involved in it. Of course The Daily Caller was founded by FoxNews via Tucker Carlson, and is run by Indian/Phoenician hedgefund jerk Neil Patel. I remind you that Patel was Dick Cheney’s Chief Policy Advisor, so that is who we are dealing with here.

Also see Priti Patel, said to be part Ugandan, but really part Jewish. She is currently Home Secretary in London, that is, a top British spook. She is known to be a big supporter of Israel and Jewish causes. So you begin to see who set the stage in Kenosha. The Daily Caller was funded by Foster Friess, so we may assume he is also a crypto-Jew pretending to be a born-again. They do it all the time. He came out of Intelligence, where he reached the rank of captain. His wife is Lynette Estes, and both the names Estes and Friess are Jewish. See for example the Revolutionary Rabbi Gideon Estes. The Estes descend from the d’Estes, Italian nobles related to the Borgias and Jagiellons. Meaning. . . yes, they are Komnenes.

Friess is the same as Fries, and they were the Grafs (Earls) von Fries, related to the Princes of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfurst. This probably links Foster Friess to Prince Friedrich, Prime Minister of Austria-Hungary in 1906 as well as Prince Chlodwig, Chancellor of Germany 1894-1900. Further back, the Hohenlohe were the heads of the Teutonic Knights. The sister of Prince Philip (husband of Queen Elizabeth) was married to a Hohenlohe. Also see Count Moritz von Fries, banker and richest man in the Austrian Empire up to 1826, who married the Princess Hohenlohe. He inherited the bank Fries & Cie, and there is still a Fries group at Merrill Lynch. Beethoven dedicated his 7th Symphony to von Fries. The von Fries were Jewish, getting their fortune not only from banking but from silks.

Foster Friess is probably related to Gen. Amos Fries, since they are both from Western Wisconsin. Amos Fries was a descendant of Amos Friess of the Civil War, so we have proof of the name link between Fries/Friess. They link us to the Bancrofts and Damons of Massachusetts. The Fries are also in the peerage, linking us to the Swedish Barons Bond, who then link us to the Fogelbergs and and Beck-Friis. You may remember the Beck-Friis from my paper on Anders Breivik. The musician Dan Fogelberg comes from these lines as well, explaining his fame. That was a bit of a diversion, but I had to entertain myself today, since so far nothing real will happen. To read more about the actual methods of vote fraud, start here. Also see my links page, where you will find links to Blackboxvoting.org and Stephen Spooner’s youtube video, showing how it is done. Also see this analysis of on-screen TV numbers, for real-time computer vote fraud as it is reported. Also see this 2020 whistleblower article at the NYPost.

Also see Breitbart from Sept. 27 of this year, where we are reminded that Trump gave examples of fraud in his press conference: 1) In Brooklyn, 25 percent of mail-in ballots were ruled invalid during the June Democrat primary. 2) In a New Jersey special election, nearly 20 percent of the ballots were thrown out, and four people are being prosecuted for fraud. 3) In a Florida primary, more than 35,000 mail-in ballots were rejected, and over 100,000 ballots were rejected in California. Also from Breitbart, see this article, which reminds us that the UK has had huge problems with mail-in ballots since their introduction in 2003, including scandals where elections were overturned and people jailed. The judge who ruled on more than one of those cases confirmed in a recent article for The Spectator that elections can and have been rigged, and the Democrats are lying when they say this is impossible.

I also remind you of the 2012 Ron Paul fiasco, which started in the highly publicized primary in Iowa. Paul allegedly got third behind Romney and Santorum using the voting machines, which is strange given that in caucuses a couple of months later he trounced both men, taking 79% of the state, and 22 of 28 delegates. That means Paul won the Republican delegation of Iowa, but that was never reported. Most people don’t know it to this day. He also won the Republican delegations of Minnesota, Maine, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, Washington, Alaska and Nevada, taking up to 88% of the votes and delegates. They closed him out of the Republican National Convention nonetheless, refusing to seat many of his delegates and literally tossing them from the building. If that isn’t election fraud, I don’t know what is. Any real research proves that all the sites now coming up on Google assuring you vote fraud is a myth are simply lying right to your face. If you don’t believe me, try walking around them and doing your own research. You will find that difficult to do at Google, which is owned, but try using Ecosia as your search engine. You will get far more real results.

*I remind you that Blago was indicted for allegedly trying to sell Obama’s vacant Senate seat and taken to court by the US Justice Department, but the jury hung on all but one charge (lying to the FBI). “Hung” means the jury did not convict him. That should have been the end of it, since juries are required to vote for conviction by a majority or unanimity. But by the whacky laws of this country, a hung jury does not lead to an acquittal. Although the prosecution has failed to prove its case, a mistrial is ordered and they get to try again! Somehow, the second jury disagreed with the first one, but the defense didn’t get to ask for the third jury. Proving bias against all defendants. Blago did appeal, and he won the appeal. Five of the biggest charges were struck down, including the central one of selling the Senate seat. So his record is clean on that. Given that, you would have expected his 14-year sentence to be considerably reduced, but somehow at his re-sentencing in district court, it wasn’t changed at all. So he was innocent of selling the Senate seat, but was in jail for it anyway. Make sense of that if you can. The way I make sense of it is by believing this is all one more fiction. Since the trials make no legal sense, I don’t believe them. I don’t believe Blago was ever in jail for a second. Either this was an earlier instance of blackwashing the Democrats on purpose, or Blago got crossways with the Phoenicians and they pulled him as Governor.

As more proof of that, Illinois didn’t disbar Blago until this year, after his pardon. If this had been real, they should have disbarred him after his major conviction and jailing; but they didn’t. In support of the assumption he got crossways with the Phoenicians, remember the same thing happened to his predecessor as Governor, George Ryan. Ryan allegedly spent five years in prison for racketeering (steering state contracts). That’s a joke because that is what all politicians do. That is why they go into politics in the first place: money. If everyone who did that got prosecuted, there would be no one standing at any level. So we may assume the Phoenicians only finger those who get crossways with them. You do what the big boys say or they sic the Feds on you. Again, I don’t believe Ryan spent one second in jail. Amusingly, Ryan’s predecessor as Governor, Jim Thompson, defended him and waived all fees, which were said to be in the range of $20 million. Thompson also just happened to have been the Chair of the Federal Intelligence Oversight Board. Meaning, yes, he was a major spook. Indicating this goes much deeper than we are told. All the real action is hidden.