We are taking the Government to Court! Lift the Lockdown NOW.

Let England Live!

The British State has officially ‘transitioned’ from a “Liberal Parliamentary Democracy” into a classic “Police State.”

The Public Health Act 1984 was enacted to allow magistrates powers to restrict the movement of infected sailors or passengers and cargo coming from the docks.

This is the same act Boris and his tyrannical Ministers are using to keep us imprisoned in our own homes!

There is no mention in this Act of Ministers being able to Lockdown anyone, let alone the whole of England!

Millions of jobs, mortgages, marriages and even lives have been destroyed by our corrupt regime at Westminster and they are still pressing ahead, causing even more hardship to millions of hard-working people based on 100% total lies!

We want to show the government and media establishment up for the lying, freedom-stealing crooks that they are and win back FREEDOM for every man, woman and child in England.

That is why we are dragging the government into Court and we need your help!

The only legal case now between the English People and the Orwellian society the elites want to impose upon us is the case that I am acting in, with Stephen Morris, the English Democrats’ National Party Secretary and Dr Niall McCrae against the ruling elites that have imposed this lockdown on our people!

Our case is simple: The Lockdown is unconstitutional under the English Constitution and in particular under the English Bill of Rights 1688.

If we fail in court then the corrupt establishment’s rule over us is legally complete.

Will you help us in our fighting to reclaim our freedoms, Henry?

Please help us as much as you can, the future of our democracy and our ancient liberties hangs in the balance and your support can and will make a massive difference! I invite you to do the right thing and strike a blow against the power-crazed politicians by donating below:


Yours sincerely

Robin Tilbrook

Chairman – The English Democrats

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