WATCH: “The New Normal”

New documentary exploring the origin and purpose behind the covid narrative has released a new documentary entitled The New Normal.

Investigating the origin of the titular phrase – never far from the lips of authority figures across the globe since early 2020 – The New Normal, featuring content from Oracle Films, explores the true purposes behind lockdowns and the inflated pandemic hysteria surrounding Sars-coV-2, and uncovers the origins of a very real and darkly foreboding agenda which might be at the heart of it all. The Great Reset.

We don’t know much about as their site appears to be down at the moment, however we encourage you to take a look at this interesting and well-made feature. Well-edited, with effective narration and a high production standard, The New Normal takes the viewer on a well-mapped journey, and makes you stop and think with each new piece of footage it unveils.

You may remember Off-Guardian featured a previous release from Oracle Films, whose content is featured in The New Normal, called Ask The Experts (Covid-19 Vaccine), insights from 33 medical personnel on the covid jab, expressing their deep concerns and reservations. Still very relevant and worth sharing around.

We’ll update this piece with more info on the creators when their site is back up.


UPDATE: the vimeo link has been removed. Link updated – Ed.

WATCH: “The New Normal”

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