1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Hmmm… Another fresh grain of salt needed here.
    I only believe what I see and almost NOTHING I hear, especially from deluded ‘Q-anon’ supporting alt-media sources, that thrive on their most popular product: False hope.
    This recent (rigged/stolen) election has made some people a small fortune out of it, at least in terms of hits to their fake-news alt-media sites or video channels (many of which are monetized).
    Sounds much like a typical Simon Parkes fantasy, of the type which recently disappointed a large contingent of very gullible Trump supporters and voters.
    Rightly or wrongly, regardless of the reasons: Trump lost the election. He is NOT the US President anymore and if the satanic worshipping deep state murderous cabal get their way, and they probably will: he will NEVER be POTUS again.
    I am as disappointed and angry as anyone else is, that they were able to pull this off and get away with it – the biggest act of fraud in history, however, it’s now time to accept reality and move on – crying about it and worse: making up fairy tales about a different (desired, fantasy) outcome, won’t change anything.

    • ian says:

      I fully agree Alan. We are deluged with information, the majority of which is false. However, with experience, you become more adept at selecting the most likely truth. The commenter who chose the name Occams, chose well, as Occams Razor is all we really have.

  2. Adam Antiam says:

    Sorry but you are wrong. Biden is has been falsely sworn into a bankrupted corporation of the USA Inc. This is the reason for the assets od said defunct corporation being seized by the liquidators, fences and guards. As with London City State corporation, they are a foreign entity occupying a sovereign nation and using maritime law of the high seas to control us. They are basically pirates, hence the skull and bones fascination of 322 etc. Actually I have been researching our situation for over 20 years and we are literal slaves to these corporations, having no rights, we are dead CAPITALIZED entities. This is the reason for the Covid operation and how it is so easy for them. In our dead, coporate state, we have about as many rights as a cleaner has for Monsanto, i.e. zero. The corporations of the Triple Crown have been bankrupted and now only hold an illusion of control. The only thing left to do now is to reveal this illusion to the sheeple and return this World to some semblance of what God intended, thanks God bless

  3. Alan Vaughn says:

    Thanks Adam…
    I now rest my case.
    However, one part of what you’ve said, I do totally agree with:
    “…we are literal slaves to these corporations, having no rights, we are dead CAPITALIZED entities. This is the reason for the Covid operation and how it is so easy for them.
    The solution to it however, is NOT with governments, not Trump, nor any other (corrupt) head of state. It rests entirely with us: the people.
    The only way is for everyone and I mean everyone to simply REFUSE to comply with any and all of their oppressive (and illegal), unconstitutional diktats. But there remains a huge obstacle preventing such a solution from being implemented, let alone working to overthrow this global scale tyranny and coup d’état:
    How do we awaken the sleepwalking, MSM brainwashed and obedient masked zombies; and get them on our side, instead of acting as the treacherous collaborators which so many of them are?

  4. Alan Vaughn says:

    Looks like serious issues with the site again. Can’t post anything. Let’s hope this one makes it.

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