Trump surrenders. Coup complete. The American Dream died today.

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This site will be left as is for the day because nothing is more important than these items, and not everyone of influence has found them yet.

1. Nancy’s son in law led the raid on the capitol.

2. VP Chief of Staff Marc Short was likely the one who shot Ashley in the capitol

3. Trump surrendered.



In all fairness, it did look spooky and she was trying to break the door, BUT READ DOWN THE PAGE A WAYS: THIS RAID WAS DONE BY NANCY’S SON IN LAW. Even Nancy kept her secrets in this coup, which is why the capitol police were with the rioters, escorting them through the capitol building even on this video that shows the most intense moment.


Rumor: Rush going live for a final show

LET ME GUESS: Rush Limbaugh will go on the air today and tell everyone to accept the steal, not be violent and that they can vote their way out of this mess. I bet I am right. I never could understand why Rush destroyed Ross Perot. If he does what I think he will do today, we’ll know why. Let’s hope Rush does not destroy his legacy today. I sure hope he will not, but with ALL traitors coming out of the woodwork now, today we will know. “Traitor” is not a word I want to put on Rush until he proves it.



COUP COMPLETE. Trump surrendered.

“Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th. I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted. While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again!


He did not say he conceded. However, that looks like the end.

If he could not “Make America Great Again” from the inside due to the extent to which every institution was corrupted, how will he ever do it from the outside? Forget about ever getting a real president again, if anyone who is not establishment talks about being president and gets even a small amount of attention, there will be a remote chauffeuring at 120 mph off a cliff and they’ll use their killing to push an agenda on top of it.


Meet Michiel Vos

Nancy’s son in law led the raid on the capitol. She obviously did not tell Pence what was going on!


TAP.  The modern world was built in the USA.  The world of assumed freedom where anyone could rise up from the log cabin to the White House, is gone forever.  The Satanists who liked in the wings orchestrating events are now spilling into the foreground.  They will not hide their agendas for long.  Soon the world will see that the greatest democracy of all time has crashed, and the Satanists are ruling supreme with no one able to stop them.

They’ve dreamed of this moment and long prepared for it, all the while maintaining the pretence of democracy while building the infrastructure of a police terror state.  Patriotic generals were long removed from the army.  The courts corrupted.  Politicians all sold out.

It’s worth remembering that the Pharaohs of Egypt kept their wealth in a building they named The White House in the City of Avaris, based in Lower Egypt where they spoke Hebrew.  They bankrupted their own people and stole all their possessions.  They created monotheistic religion in the same places, which became known later as Judaism.  They organised wars.  They ran all empires ever since, Persian, Roman, French, Spanish, British and American.  We should expect nothing less than expropriation and slavery.  The rise of the next empires will be in their control.   The last two hundred years has seen some terrible events, but men were still permitted to believe themselves free.  From hereon the pretence will no longer be necessary.  Trump has sold us out.  When the moment came he offered no resistance bar token.  Making America Great Again never applied to the people, only the elite.  He has not conceded, but when was the moment that he actually fought to survive?  Now the wolves are moving in.

President Mike Pence, Congress and the Military say so as Trump runs to Florida