They want you to invest in all this crap, at which point your money is theirs.

ARK Investing looks like a Total Fake by Miles Mathis First published January 11, 2020

As usual, this is just my opinion, which I have due to the research below and in previous papers. Economics is my short suit, and I have admitted that many times. But even I can tell ARK is a hoax, a front for Financial Intelligence. If you don’t know, ARK is an investment group led by Cathie Wood (above), which has ridden the coattails of Elon Musk and Tesla for the past two years.

Like Musk, it is now setting records for most fake profit generated in the shortest time. Musk is now supposed to be the world’s richest person, and ARK is the most successful short-term investment group ever. That is how I know ARK is a fake. I know Musk is a fake, therefore ARK must be fake as well. The other way I know is this quote from Bloomberg: She and her 25-person team analyze trends and pick stocks according to fve themes: artifcial intelligence, robotics, energy storage, DNA sequencing and blockchain technology. Wow. Not only are they are being used to promote Bitcoin, but all that other fakery as well. I was propelled into this paper from Zerohedge, which is of course also promoting Bitcoin like there is no tomorrow. So we have red flags piling up all over the place. If you aren’t getting it, Musk and ARK are being used by Financial Intelligence to make Tesla, Bitcoin, AI, DNA sequencing, and these other things appear to be hugely profitable, when they aren’t.

Why? Two reasons: one, to steal your money in yet another way.

They want you to invest in all this crap, at which point your money is theirs.

Two, all this investment chatter will be used to convince Congress to give more of your tax dollars to fake research in AI, DNA sequencing, and the rest. Remember, not only are SpaceX and Tesla not profitable, they have been propped up by huge federal subsidies from the beginning. Musk has been given billions from the treasury, which means you have been subsidizing that jerk all along.

What real money he does have has come from raping the taxpayer, as with all these billionaire Phoenies. This is the way the fake “economy” works: it is all smoke and mirrors, a gigantic drink-from-the- treasury conjob, whereby the taxpayer is reamed with a dizzying array of fake projects: science projects, art projects, investment projects, defense projects, security projects, tech projects, medical projects, education projects, and on and on. 99% of the federal government is just a paper moon on a cardboard sea. Cathie Wood comes out of Alliance Bernstein, which is owned by AXA. Bernstein was founded by Zalman Bernstein, an Orthodox Jew who lived in Israel. He also founded and funded many Jewish organizations, including Avi Chai.

Alliance Bernstein is heavily invested in cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo, and it is used in electric car batteries. Its spinoff ARK is as well. So you see how it works. Which explains the hidden Civil War we have seen so many signs of. You are supposed to think it is between Democrats and Republicans, but it is between Big Oil and Car Batteries (among other things). That explain the beating oil prices have taken in the past year, doesn’t it? You may have thought that was just an accidental side-effect of Covid, but clearly it wasn’t. Which tends to support my comments on Charles Koch in a recent paper. Koch is an oilman, so we know which side he is on in this war. We find another clue in that article from Bloomberg, where it is admitted ARK “was founded to invest in disruptive innovation”. Disruptive, eh? That’s Operation Rolling Stone, isn’t it? Change as the primary generator of profit, pitting the new wing of Intel against the Old. New Money against Old Money.

Except that, as we have seen with Musk, Zuckerberg, and Jobs, the new money is mostly monopoly money, created with CGI. It doesn’t really exist.

And by that, I don’t mean it is fiat, I mean it is fiction. Yes, there has been growth in the electric car market, but they still comprise only about 3% of all cars, so as a matter of real profit they should not be capable of warring with Big Oil. And Toyota owns a lion’s share of that market, not Tesla. ARK and Tesla can war with Big Oil only as a matter of propaganda, which means some trillionaire family that owns a piece of Intelligence and the media has decided to back them. Some real Old Money has thrown in with fake New Money. Don’t ask me who, because I don’t know (yet). But whoever it is, they are also behind Bitcoin. Since Resolute Investments has taken over ARK, we may assume Woods is just a front, and that that was the plan from the beginning. So whoever owns Resolute is your man. The CEO is given as Gene Needles, and he was previously with AIM/Invesco. Also of American Beacon Hedge Fund. The name Needles doesn’t tell me anything, so we would need to connect him to a more famous name through his wife, mother, or grandmother. MyLife tells us he is related to Kaas and Hastings. But we are looking for a name like Rockefeller, Rothschild, or Vanderbilt. Or, Needles may just be a frontname as well, hiding bigger names.