They just stole another election (maybe two) in Georgia yesterday!

Georgia Senate Runoff Vote Fraud a Replay
of 2020 Election Day Theft by Democrats

SOTN Election Analyst

“Here we go again, at 11:00 last night Perdue and Loeffler had the lead and supposedly the count was stopped for the night. Miraculously, Ossoff and Warnock pulled it off when the count was done.”

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First. read this bold yet accurate prediction that called the new election theft in Georgia way before it happened.

“They’re gonna steal Georgia ! ! !”
They ‘have to’ steal it—here’s why.

Now, here we are on January 6th and the Democrats are stealing the Georgia U.S. Senate election in real time.  They’re not quite finished yet with the steal but they will be in short order.

Georgia’s RINO governor and secretary of state already proved that they were election fraudster working for the Democrats throughout this entire election cycle. See: Here’s how the RINOs helped the Democrats steal the Georgia vote.

In point of fact, the amount of evidence that conclusively incriminates both Governor Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is so overwhelming that indictments must be issued if there is to be any trust restored in the Georgia electoral system.

Here’s just one of several type of ballot frauds those 2 fraudsters enabled on Election Day 2020:

As for the well-hidden back story to the Georgia POTUS vote fraud, the following video provides all the gory details: Here’s how they flipped the vote form Trump to Biden on November 3rd. (Video).

What else needs to said about yet another fraudulent vote in Georgia this January 5th?!

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Whenever the Democrats take over a major city like Atlanta, they control the voting system and the counting process (and everything else in between) to such a degree that they can easily manipulate virtually any outcome.  And so they are.

Charlie Daniels got it right when he sang: “The Devil Went Down to Georgia“.

Clearly, on January 5 of 2021, the devil also stole the elections in Georgia.

Granted, the final official results have yet to be announced and certified, but just you wait, “They’re gonna steal Georgia ! ! !”

Bottom LineThe Democrat’s Communist Agenda Absolutely Requires Those 2 Senate Seats

KEY POINT: A steal like the ongoing one in Georgia always has several schemes being executed at once.  In this way the perps have insurance policies in place to guarantee the election theft at the end of the day.  Here’s a more stealthy way that the globalists have used to rig American elections over many years: SOS: Geoengineers Flooding RED Counties Throughout Georgia to Stop Republicans from Voting in Epic Runoff!

State of the Nation
January 6, 2021

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