There really is a Covid Mafia! Each Mafioso was put there to whack folks living in key mob territories.

Meet the Italian-American Covid Mafia

Submitted by the American COVID-19 Investigative Team
SOTN Exclusive

First, meet the Godfather: Tony “The Fearmonger” Fauci.  Also known as Dr. Fauci “The Syringe”, he runs the Medical Mafia nationwide and is the Capo di tutti i capi of the Covid Crime Syndicate worldwide.  (Read more about the Covid Boss of Bosses here: OPERATION COVID-19 Point Man Tony Fauci)

Next up is: Nancy “The Knife” Pelosi. She runs the California Covid mob among other Corona rackets in all 50 states.  “Nasty Nancy” got her start with the Baltimore Cosa Nostra when her father was mayor. (Read more about the hidden Pelosi history here: COUP-IN-PROGRESS: Pelosi, the Mafia and the Black Nobility)

Then there’s Andrew “Killer Cuomo” doing geriatric genocide in the New York territory and his hitman bro, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo who tears up the TV with Covid crimes 24/7.  That’s the deceased New York State Mob boss below in the middle. 

Watch out for Gus “The Jabber” Perna.  He’s the 4-Star General in charge of Operation Warp Speed and vaxxing everyone in sight—like yesterday!  When “The Vaxxer” is not in uniform, many think he’s out jabbing so many folks they’re looking like pin cushions.

Let’s not forget Bill “Bust, Broke and Bankrupt” de Blasio.  He single-handedly caused the Big Apple to go rotten in a New York minute after he whacked every “mom and pop”.  Even Manhattan crashed and burned faster than you can say CORNAVIRUS ! ! !  

How could we forget LA’s Eric “Lockdown” Garcetti.  This guy is so Covid shut-down happy he can’t wait for the next wave to use as an excuse to run every business out of Los Angeles County.  This guy is as dangerous as they come, especially to the other Covid crime families in California. 

Look out for Sammy “The Hammer” Liccardo.  When this Covid mobster took his hammer to San Jose, the whole place was knocked down in a day and a night.  Folks for hundreds of mile around know that no one messes with “Da Hamma”.  He’d just as soon kill ya as look at ya if yous got the Covid.

No Covid Mafia roster would be complete without Robert “The Rat” De Niro.  Just ask President Trump about Hollywood’s fav Covid hitman—“Dunderhead De Niro”.  This crazy Covidiot accuses the POTUS of whacking more with Covid than he’s offed in his cultural marxist crime movies.  

Lastly, there is Alyssa “The Axe” Milano who just tweeted that masks ‘will protect you more than an AR-15’. WOW! Milano mangles everything related to the CORONAhoax as though she’s reading directly from the totally crazy Covid ‘Godfather’ script. 

State of the Nation
December 31, 2020

Editor’s Note

Now for the very important teaching moment for those seeking esoteric mundane knowledge about how the world really works.  Remember as you read the highly revealing “Special Note” excerpt below that the Roman Empire lasted for around 1500 years in various forms and different places.  That could only have happened through great force of will and the tremendous ability to convince all kinds of people to remain in the Empire, even if it was not in their best interests to do so.

SPECIAL NOTE: One last point is that it’s no quirk of fate that so many Italian-Americans have found themselves in various positions throughout American society where they have had GREAT IMPACT.  You had Vince Lombardi often referred to as “the greatest head coach in the history of the NFL”.  You had Frank Sinatra, who Bing Crosby said was the best American singer of all time.  You had Italian-born Frank Capra, considered one of the best motion picture directors during the Golden Age of Hollywood.  You had Lee Iacocca, “the only individual to lead modern-day operations of two of the Big Three American automakers”.  You had Antonin Scalia, one of the most respected jurists in the history of the United States Supreme Court.  You had Geraldine Ferraro, “the first woman ever to earn the vice-presidential nomination on a major party ticket” (Just listen to her unparalleled nomination speech).  You had the Yankees’ Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio, one of the top baseball players in the sport’s history and whose inimitable style literally changed the game forever.  You’ve got Al Pacino, Leonardo DiCaprio and Sylvester Stallone.  Then there was Rocky Marciano, “the only heavyweight champion in history to have finished his career undefeated”.  What’s the point?  There’s a definite pattern of extremely successful Italian-Americans whose success was built on great personal power … extraordinary charisma … a highly impressive persona … captivating and/or mesmerizing … but at the very same time they were very down to Earth and quite likable … and very accessible to the common man.  In a word, these Italianos have much, MUCH charm.  They oozed, and ooze, CHARM!  Which is why so many of the profoundly compromised breed of Italian-Americans today are specifically selected to do HUGE dirty deeds.  They can be especially effective at convincing (really conning) virtually anyone to do what their globalist masters want them to do: like wearing a stupid mask.  Capiche! 

(Source: Why Italian-Americans VIPs are frequently chosen to do the dirty deeds)

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